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23 May 2018 / 8. Ramadhan 1439

First Name: 

Marhum Gulamhusseini


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Hijiri Date of Death: 

23 Jamaada al-Ula 1438.

Hijiri Date of Burial: 

23 Jamaada al-Ula 1438.

Last Name: 

Fazal Karmali

Date of death: 


Date of Burial: 


Announcement Body: 

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of Marhum Gulamhussein Fazal Karmali who passed away in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 23 Jamaada al-Ula 1438. The Marhum will be buried there on the same day. Mumineen are requested to remember the Marhum in their prayers.


From Karmali Family

On 21 Febraury 2017, our dear father Late Gulamhussein Fazal Karmali bid farewell to us all. He made a number of friends throughout his life, which has resulted in us receiving an overwhelming number of messages of condolence from individuals such as yourself. It is these messages which were a solace and comfort to us all in the family. We request you to please continue to remember him in the days to come, along with all the deceased.

Now having lost both parents is not easy and we remember virtually every moment with them, particularly when they gave us whatever they could. All we can do is keep their memory alive since they inculcated in us the ability to differentiate right from wrong along with unwavering faith plus to be strong when faced with the calamities of life.

Our deepest gratitude and love toward everyone who has taken time to write, message, call and visit us. Your words of solace during this difficult time were truly appreciated and may He bless you as well as reward you - Amen.

From Shk Mujahidali Sheriff

We have learnt with great sadness about the demise of your beloved father Marhum Haji Gulamhusein Bhai Fazal Kermali who passed away today in Dar es Salaam.

انا لله و انا اليه راَجِعُون
We have lost another great man in our community. We pray to Allah (SWT) to grant the Marhum with Maghfirat and place his noble soul in the treasure of His Rahmah among the most chosen of His servants - the Chaharda Ma'sumeen (as). We also pray to Him to grant all the bereaved with Sabr-e-Jameel - ilaahi aamin.

Kindly accept and convey our heartfelt condolences to Mohamed Bhai, Mehboob Bhai, Anver, Muntazir and to all the bereaved members of your entire family.

From Kassim and Rizwana Rajani

I cannot seem to put words together all these days and still have a burning heart.

Fua has been very close to our family. My Papa and Mummy's Father Figure.
Papa has been very upset and I'm sure all of you are very sad.

Loosing a father having spent so many years with him is unimaginable.

I remember my young days in Birmingham playing on his laps for several days and going for walks and on busses in the city.

And my travels to Dar and spending my time at your guest house and breakfast dinner with Fua and Fui.

We all have many happy days we have had with him.

I'm very sorry for this loss.
My prayers are always with him. And I pray Dua Mashlool for weeks every night and I have prayed for him and will remain.

"You are a very lucky to have a father like him and have had the opportunity to cater for your father and mother until their very last days".

Something very special has left you all and for years you will feel lonely.

I'm sure Allah swa has kept him rapt up close to Fui and now he returns back to his creater ,, until the day we meet him and fui again.
We pray for their happiest ever after together.

From Naushad Rajani

Today It's a sad & dark day for all of us, the death of Papa is a greatest loss not only to you & your family but me & my family too. After 28yrs again I have lost my another father. I will miss him, there are no words to explain about him. From every angle he was best human being living in Islamic way of life. He was the pillar of Kermali & Rajani family. May Allah swt rest him in eternal peace with the proximity of Ahlulbayt a.s,rewards him for his kindness to other human being, give us tawfeeq to follow his footsteps & sabr e Jamel for the loss. Aameen Please kindly accept My & My families condolences to you & your family. May Allah rewards you & your family for all the khidmat you did for him, looking after him in the absence of our sister especially last few weeks when he was not well. Aameen InshaAllah will call you tomorrow " Innallah Maasaberin"
Iltemase dua

From Mohamed Jawad & Kaniz e Fatima Khaki

We are very saddened to receive the news of the demise of Ghulamhusein uncle, always loving, happy and ever smiling, was a very special person in Kaniz's and my life. He was the one who conveyed my marriage proposal. All of us will miss him very much as he leaves a huge vacuum behind. Let us pray that Allah SWT accept all his aamaals, rest his soul in eternal peace and grant him the choicest place in the hereafter. Our prayers are also for all dear ones to have sabr as they bear pain of this separation. Al fateha.

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