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23 April 2018 / 7. Shabaan 1439

“Whosoever provides someone water in a place where there is already water present, is like one who has freed a slave.   And whosoever provides someone water in a place where there is no water present, is like one who has granted life to a soul; and whosoever grants life to a single soul, it is as if he has granted life to all of mankind.”   IMAM AS-SADIQ (AS)

As the moon of Muharram appears in the skies, we are reminded of the important sacrifices made by Imam Husayn (as), his family and his companions on the land of Karbala some 1,400 years ago as they stood to defend truth and justice for all of humanity. The arrival of the new Islamic year also means the arrival of our annual Muharram campaign, the Ali Asghar Water Appeal.


Named after the youngest martyr of the tragedy of Karbala, this appeal works to provide safe and clean drinking water to those in need in impoverished areas. It is reported that at least 1 billion people all over the world don’t have access to safe drinking water, something many of us take for granted. 80% of diseases in developing countries are caused by poor sanitation and unsafe water. This is what we’re working to change.

This Muharram, we’re planning to build 50 wells for 50 communities in Kenya, where 17 million people lack access to clean water. Each full well costs $620 USD/£480 GBP and will have a long-term and sustainable impact on the lives of so many. As we come together in these days and nights to remember the sacrifices of Imam Husayn (AS) and the martyrs of Karbala, we are calling upon the support of all Islamic Centres, schools and community members from around the world to help us reach this target. You can donate a full well or donate towards part of a well – anything you can give will make a huge difference.


This Muharram, help us quench the thirst of thousands of men, women, and children in the name of Hazrat Ali Asghar (as). Donate now.


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