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18 October 2018 / 7. Safar 1440

This year the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has affected hundreds of our Khoja community members who have been forced to leave their homes and everything they own behind to seek refuge in Djibouti.

The World Federation has committed to supporting the 108 families for one whole year in which time we will help to resettle them. This cost is estimated to be £1.3m ($2m USD), which is approximately £12,000 per family for the whole year. For a family of five, the cost is £1000 ($1600 USD) a month for all expenses which include housing, food, clothes, school fees for children and resettlement costs such as language training and looking for employment. Due to their current refugee status, they are unable to work while in Djibouti and therefore unable to support themselves.

They are fully relying on the generosity of their fellow Khoja brothers and sisters. They called upon The World Federation and the Khoja community for help when they needed to evacuate and we all answered their call and have been supporting them. We will not stop until they have somewhere safe to call their home.

You can help.

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