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24 January 2019 / 17. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1440

ALMIS Exam Skills Course 2014

Updated on 28 November 2018


With the onset of the examination season, an intensive AQA GCSE Religious Studies Exam Skills Course was held at Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary (ALMIS) in Dar es Salaam. The course was facilitated by Sister Mehjabeen Rahim, GCSE Coordinator of The World Federation’s Islamic Education Department, and was tailored to train and prepare students sitting the AQA GCSE Religious Studies Unit 8 and Unit 9 exams this summer.


the elegant Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary (ALMIS)T


Students were provided with training in revision techniques and given an examiner’s insight into marking criteria. The Exam Skill Course provided the students with the opportunity to better understand the varying question types and how they are expected to answer them.  

Students commented:

"The games and also the tons of questions we did helped a lot, I now have better understanding and knowledge of the questions." Maryam Sammy

"Yes, I feel more confident about the exam and after this session Insha'Allah I hope to perform marvellously.” Fauzia S.Mohamed

The sessions ran over 5 days (8th April 2014-12 April 2014) and was attended by 150 students in total. The power-point presentations and group activities allowed maximum interaction and created an enjoyable learning atmosphere. The students at ALMIS participated in the challenging practice questions and group work with great enthusiasm and it was refreshing to also see the teachers taking part and supporting the event.

"I enjoyed the part where we could win chocolate when we achieved full marks!" Nadir Nasser

"The most valuable skill I learnt was time management because I never finish my IRE paper." Zainab Versi

The course included past paper practice as well as the opportunity for one to one Q&A and feedback on students answers at an additional booster session. A key terms game was played whereby students were encouraged to work together to solve the definitions of every key term in the syllabus. The exam skills course equipped the students with a structure for every type of question, therefore giving them clear guidance on how to answer the question using the appropriate time and relevant knowledge.

The Course was facilitated by sister Mehjabeen Rahim, GCSE Co-ordinator for WF Islamic Education

Other students who attended the course commented:

"I now know where I lose marks and how I can gain full marks, most valuable skills I have learnt is how to answer questions accurately, relevantly and also learning to time myself." Sayyada Dharsee

"I really enjoyed it throughout, but mostly when we played the game and when we had the final group 6 mark question as that is when we really had a chance to evaluate on how much we had learnt thorough out the session. I definitely have gained the skill of answering questions thanks to Mehjabeen Bai." Kulsum Nasser

"It was once again an absolute pleasure to be of support to ALMIS and work with the delightful students,  I pray for their success and continuous progress." Mehjabeen Rahim


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