The Mombasa International Show was established in 1967 and is situated on the North Coast of Mombasa at Mkomani, Nyali. Being located in Kenya’s leading holiday resort area of Nyali, it was elevated to International Show status to attract investors to the region. It is about 20kms from the Mombasa International Airport.

Members visit the Veterinary stall

Bilal Muslim Mission on 29th August 2014 managed to send 6 members from different Women Groups in each zone to participate in the Agricultural Society (ASK) Show which was held in Mkomani, Mombasa.  

Veterinary Officer explains on different types of medicines for the goats and cattle

Objectives of the trip

  • Networking
  • Marketing - looking for end market for their products
  • Exposure of new business skills


The members were able to view and learn different things from different people during the show. Stalls like the Irrigation Schemes (i.e. nurseries & balcony farming), Veterinary, Chicken incubators, apiculture (Rearing of bees), Livestock rearing, poultry keeping, Charcoal Briquetting, green houses, Sugarcane millers, rope making, cotton farming and handicrafts were educative to the members. 

Figure 1: Officer explaining about balcony farming

Figure 1: Members noting down information given by the officer

Figure 3: Plantation done by the National Irrigation Board

Figure 4: Members being explained about the various ways of irrigation done in Kenya

Figure 5: Members shown the end product collected from the farms

Figure 6: Methodologies used to prevent diseases on Livestock rearing

Figure 7: Apiculture (rearing of bees)

Figure 8: Explanation on Nursery made from powder of waste coconut shells

Figure 9: Dairy Farming

Figure 10: Explanation on Sugarcane Farming by Kenya Sugar

Figure 11: Demonstration on making of kikois and table mats from cotton collected from the farm

Figure 12: Green House visit

Figure 13: Sis Kauchi and a member find out more on charcoal briquettes


“I have benefitted with new information that I received in the ASK show like lessons on rearing a goat and planting my own nurseries at home. I request the Mission to organize such shows every year so that my friends in Masumin Women Group can also experience this visit. I thank the group and Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya for giving us opportunities to see and learn different things”

-          Amina Mohamed, Masumin Women Group – Nzavoni


“I have liked all the stalls that I saw in the ASK show. I have benefitted a lot and I request the Mission to send us on trips like this so as to expand our knowledge”

-          Maimuna Faraj, Imam Baqir Women Group - Mwasafu

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya thanks all donors for their support. It is through these kinds of events that empowers the women and motivates them to be independent in their lives.

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August 2014