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16 October 2017 / 25. Muharram 1439

Building Works Start at Al Zahra Centre, Watford UK

Posted on Fri, 2013-10-18 14:48

Bihamdillah by the blessings of Ahlul Bayt a.s. the aspirations of members of the Watford Jamaat the building works have commenced at Al Zahra Centre.

On Monday 24th June 2013/ 14th Shabaan 1434 A.H, at 11:10 am the appointed building contractor arrived at the AL ZAHRA on Fearnley Road, Watford to commence the development works. Prior to the actual works the contractor was required to demolish the temporary flat roof annexe to the main building before laying the foundations for the two storey extension.

The new extension will house the much needed facilities for the Watford Community which was founded as a charity in 1984 and bought the ex-cinema site in 1997, now known as Al Zahra Centre. Since its acquisition in 1997 many hundreds and thousands of pounds have been spent in converting the site for its purpose of an Islamic Centre.


In 2008 and 2009 the Watford Jamaat spent its own monies in converting the front side of the site to one commercial shop and two flats to provide a revenue stream for the long-term maintenance of the Centre. Infact the rental income from these premises have provided a substantial sum of monies towards the current works.

The facilities available following completion of the current works in early 2014 will include a fit-out out the ground floor hall, a ghusl room, fully fitted and functioning washing and ablution facilities, an equipped kitchen, creche, entrance and lobby areas and an Islamic identity to the Centre. The vision for AL ZAHRA will Insh'Allah be realised as the community works hard with unity and sincerity, Ameen.

To date we already hold £300,000 of the monies for the works and require another £200k to achieve full funding for the Project. Development work is well underway with the foundations for the extension laid in mid-July 2013 and completion is expected to be in early 2014. Inshallah we hope to be hold the Muharram programs at the AL ZAHRA as the new extension should at least be functioning then.


The President, Alhaj Shabbir Hussain Shah, said: “We have indeed been blessed and supported by our community and are receiving  support from momineen throughout the world who have given us their great support in various forms and for this we pray that the thawaab goes to their marhumeen and to the Generous Donors’ wellbeing in both Worlds, Insh’Allah.”

Donate Now

The Watford Jamaat is a member of COEJ and The World Federation and the project has been approved by The World Federation under its Capital Project Paper.  All donations to the Project are welcome.

Those wishing to pay from the Sehme Imam (A.S.) portion of the Khums can do so under the Ijaza of Ayatullah al Uzama Syed Ali Hussain Al Sistani accorded to The World Federation. The full amount of Khums (Sehme Imam and Sehme Sadat) should be forwarded to either to The World Federation or The Council of European Jamaats stating the specific purpose of the Sehme Imam (A.S.). The Sehme Imam portion, in strict compliance with the Ijaza, would then be remitted to Anjuman-e¬]aafariya (Watford Jamaat).

Donate through The World Federation

Donations can also be made via Just Giving  

We request mumineen to remember us in their prayers for the success of this Project. 

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