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24 May 2017 / 27. Shabaan 1438

Destruction of Khoja Shia Ithna’asheri Mosque in Aden, Yemen

Posted on Sat, 2015-07-18 18:22

As our communities all over the world prepare for Eid, after a month of fasting, patience and spirituality, our Yemeni brethren face the onslaught of persecution and tyranny.

Two days ago, 16th of July 2015, the Khoja Shia Ithna’asheri mosque in Aden was destroyed to rubble.  By no one else but fellow Muslims, whom you would expect to revere the sanctity of a mosque. The Khoja mosque in Aden has recently been a constant target of vandalism and damage but in this latest round of attacks it has been destroyed throughout, with no scope of being salvaged.

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The Shias first migrated from the Indian Sub-Continent to Eastern Yemen in 1857 and the first Shia mosque was built in Mukallah at the end of the 19th Century. In Aden, the Jamat started in 1889 and the Mosque was also established then, known simply as ‘Khoja Mosque’ and later renamed as Hussaini Masjid.  A remarkable deed attached to the history of this Mosque is that the philanthropic community members who donated their funds, time and energy towards the construction of this centre specifically mentioned in their wills that their names should not be disclosed. This is the spirit and legacy of our fore fathers and this is the spirit we need to demonstrate when the need arises.

The community thrived and grew around this mosque and later on when the Yemen Jamat joined The World Federation, the Hussaini Mosque in Aden became a multi-purpose complex, serving and fulfilling the needs of our community members there.

The Hussaini Mosque was their school, their identity, their place of worship, mourning and recreation. It was a part of their heritage, history and roots. It was their honour and their pride; Today lying in a heap of bricks and sand.  

Shan E Abbas Hassam, Executive Councillor of The World Federation, who is leading the Yemen Project, stated: “The events occurring in Yemen and especially in Aden are hugely distressing to us. We have helped as many as we could and are aiming to re-settle those in Djibouti. Our Yemeni Community Members are counting on the support of our global community during the time of need. Let us make sure we do our utmost, inshAllah.”

On this Eid as we thank God for our blessings and raise our hands in prayer, let us also remember to pray for our Yemeni brothers and sisters. And let us not leave it at just prayers. Prayers which are accepted are those which inspire us to action.

The World Federation is urgently looking for sponsors for 12 months to support the 108 families in Djibouti.  The cost is £1,000 / $1,600 USD per month and we are urging community members to donate whatever they can to this cause.  For more information, please click here.

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