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24 April 2017 / 27. Rajab 1438

Dr Moledina’s Visit to Iraq

Posted on Mon, 2015-04-20 10:42

Dr Asgar Moledina, President of The World Federation, recently visited Iraq over the Easter period.  During his ziyarat trip, he met with many individuals and organisations in Najaf and Baghdad, including His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Syed Ali Huseini Al Sistani (DA).

A detailed account of the meeting with Ayatullah Sistani relayed the advice that was shared by Ayatullah Sistani with Dr Moledina and those who had accompanied him.

Dr Moledina, together with Al-Haj Anverbhai Dharamsi, President of Africa Federation visited Al Ayn Charitable Foundation in Kadhmain and later had the opportunity to visit the Iraqi Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi and the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari.

Al Ayn Foundation

The World Federation has been working with Al Ayn Foundation for a short while now and Dr Moledina and Anverbhai Dharamsi spent the greater part of the morning and afternoon with them to see some of the work that the organisation was doing and meet some of the thousands of families that they were assisting in Iraq.

Alhamdullilah, through the support of donors and organisations such as The World Federation, Al Ayn Foundation is currently supporting 25,728 orphans in Iraq!

Dr Moledina with Dr Haider Al-Abadi

Dr Moledina with Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari

Dr Moledina comments:

‘It was a fantastic experience to spend one full day with Al Ayn Foundation in Najaf.  Their organisation, management team and level of reporting and accountability is superb.  They work under the patronage of Ayatullah Sistani and I thank Allah (swt) for giving me this opportunity to see first-hand the work that they are doing and meet some of the team.  We also discussed other opportunities to work together with them and how we can provide long-term humanitarian aid to the families in Iraq’

Meeting with Dr Haider Al-Abadi and Dr Ibrahim Al-Jafaari

Dr Moledina met with the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iraqi Foreign Minister in Baghdad.  Although a very short visit, Dr Moledina met with them through two separate meetings.  He discussed the current situation in Iraq and also the work that The World Federation is doing to assist the Iraqi displaced families.

Dr Moledina explained more widely some of the work that The World Federation is doing around the world and the history of the Khoja community. It was no surprise that both the leaders had special memories of Late MULLA ASGHERALI M M JAFFER and recalled the great humanitarian work undertaken by The World Federation under the leadership of  Late  Mulla Saheb with appreciation and praise.


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