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26 June 2017 / 1. Shawal 1438

Health Lessons from Imam Ali Ridha (AS)

Posted on Mon, 2015-08-24 09:48

Written by Maliha Sumar – Maliha is volunteering with The World Federation of KSIMC as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award.

Imam Ridha (as), our 8th Imam, was born in Medina on 11th Dhul Qaida to Imam Musa Kadhim(as) and his mother Arwi. Imam Ridha (as) was famously known for his generosity and patience. The Imam (as) has said: "Anyone who receives a blessing is in danger: He has to carry out God's commandments in its regard. By God! Whenever God blesses me with something, I continue to be in extreme apprehension till I take out some of it and spend it in the way God has ordained in its regard."  

Imam Ridha (as) taught us a lot which we can use in our daily lives. One area, in particular, is advice and tips on healthy eating. In today’s era when a lot of diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and stress, his birth anniversary is a fantastic opportunity for us to share some of his advice.    

Imam Ridha (as) said, “Whosoever wants to memorize things well, let him eat honey." This is only one of the several incredible benefits of honey. Honey is also sometimes referred to as liquid gold. This is not only because of the colour but also due to the many other health benefits it has; for instance, honey smoothens out colds and a cough. It is also, a natural and healthy energy drink, sleep aid and heals wounds.

Imam Ridha (as) also said that “figs clean the bad smell of the mouth, strengthen bones, increase hair growth and cure different types of pains”. Among all the fruits, the fig has close similarity with the fruits of heaven. Obesity is a major problem in today’s society with 64% of adults in the UK being either obese or overweight. Figs are a sweet and natural way to lose weight and help lower blood pressure. They are also said to help protect the body against breast cancer.

Fig leaves also have several benefits, for example, they lower blood sugar levels and help to stop fats from circulating in your blood stream (fats circulating in  your blood stream can lead to blood clots or arteries being blocked which can then cause heart attacks).

Imam Ridha (as) also said “Dried grapes regulate the bile, remove excess mucus from the body, strengthen the sinews, take away melancholic tendencies from the mind, and purify the soul”.  These are not the only health benefits of dried grapes. Dried grapes are good for maintaining sugar levels for diabetics. Raisins are a rich source of iron which helps treat anaemia and form new blood cells. Raisins prevent tooth decay and cavities and the calcium in raisins helps to strengthen bones and teeth.  

On the birth anniversary of our 8th Holy Imam (as), let us follow these extremely valuable pieces of advice.  This, coupled with his spiritual guidance, will inshAllah help us achieve our aim to live a holistic and healthy life.

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