Dr. Husein Jiwa is the current President of The Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ), which is one of a number of Regional Federations that works with The World Federation.  He has worked with CoEJ for over 17 years, where his first role in the organisation was as a councillor.  Dr Jiwa has sat on several boards and was elected as the Vice President for two terms.  More recently, he has been serving as the President of CoEJ for the last two terms. 

During his interview, Dr. Jiwa discusses the role of CoEJ and the work it does to add value to the 17 Jamaats who fall under the Regional Federation.

A number of questions were also asked in relation to CoEJ’s flagship projects, various joint programmes that The World Federation and CoEJ are working on together, including the Madresah Centre for Excellence(MCE), the capacity building leadership programme and relief projects as well as many other initiatives.

Dr. Jiwa shared his thoughts on The World Federation as the current term is reaching its completion and discussed his views on the leadership and successes of the organisation over the last 3 years.

Dr. Jiwa answered several questions including:


We have several bodies within Jamaats and Regions- is there a need for so many various bodies?


What is the need and what are the plans of an Islamic School in European countries? 


What is your reflection of The World Federation term that is just completing?


What do you think The World Federation can do better as an organisation?


Because you are geographically close to The World Federation and can work closely with them, do you feel this puts you at an advantage over the other regional bodies?


What is your assessment of the future in terms of your relationship with The World Federation?


What are your expectations from The World Federation Triennial Conference being held in Dar es Salaam later this month?

The interview can be viewed here

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