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24 February 2018 / 8. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439

The Journey to Find Oneself… in Heaven - Madinah & Bab Reflection 2015

Posted on Thu, 2016-02-04 11:56

Rarely, if ever, does one get an opportunity to go on a trip; a life changing experience filled with moments of absolute serenity, heart wrenching emotion, out of the world reflections, and unshakeable resolve. If change is what one is seeking, The World Federation of KSMIC’s Madinah and Bab-ul-ilm summer course is the answer. The beauty about this course is that is encompasses a myriad of activities and agendas such that every participant is engaged, and it doesn’t take only the most spiritually inclined to be captivated by this experience. The organizers put in a lot of time and effort into making sure the course is well rounded, so that participants can be spiritually, intellectually, and socially elevated by the end of it. 


My experience as a participant several years ago, and this year as a mentor has by far been one of the most rewarding things I have partaken in, and the bonds that I made with other participants and mentors have been unbreakable. Imagine someone telling you that you could visit heaven on earth. How would you feel? Could you even fathom that idea? Now imagine that idea becoming a reality, and before you know it, you’re there… with 50 other people your age with you to experience it. Wouldn’t you feel like it was something you’d give everything for? 

Not surprisingly, most of the participants we receive are there because their parents thought it was a good idea. What was amazing to witness is these same participants coming to us at the end of the course and telling us that this was the best summer they’ve ever had. The World Federation team meticulously planned the trip in such a way that participants are given enough time to spend with others as well as themselves, and by the end of it, their vision of their lives, their goals, how they want to serve the AhlulBayt, and how they can serve humanity has become much clearer to them. It is this that is so exciting, that participants have repeatedly - year after year - said that the course has been a life changing experience for them. 

Transformation is a beautiful thing to witness, and an even more beautiful thing to experience. May all youths get the opportunity to embark on this journey of growth. Ameen.

They say if you want to see heaven on earth, go to Qom. Ask any participant or mentor who has been there as a part of this course, and they will fully agree with this. One cannot understand the magnitude of this statement until one has been there. What can I say? Lady Masuma (AS) and her brother Imam Redha (AS) have a way of capturing the hearts of youth.

Written by: Zahra Dhanji from Florida

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