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18 July 2018 / 5. Zil-Qad 1439

The Khoja Heritage Tour December 2018

Updated on 12 March 2018

We are back!
The World Federation is pleased to launch the second Khoja Heritage Tour as part of our Khoja Heritage Project in partnership with our regional federations.
Register your interest hereDeadline for application is 15th July.
Our community dates back to the late fourteenth century from the desert of Sind, where our conversion to Shia Islam by a missionary named Pir Sadruddin took place. To fit into the Gujarati Society, our ancestors needed a new identity. The community could no longer be called Thakkars. Pir Sadruddin gave them the title of Khwaja, which morphed into the term Khoja.
This trip gives our younger community members the opportunity to visit key historic locations in India, which are significant to our culture and community. 
We plan on taking all the participants on a 10-day tour across 6 incredible cities Bhuj, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Amreli, and Ahmedabad.
Visiting these key cities will allow the participants to walk side by side with our ancestors and give them a deeper understanding of the origins of our Khoja community and the chance to learn more about our history.  
Those on the trip will have the opportunity to visit the shrines of Pir Gulamali Shah and Pir Dadu in Kera and Bhuj, as well see the three historic buildings representing the three Khoja strands in Palagali area of Mumbai.
This was the beginning of a journey for the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community, as it contained its faith in the crucible of Khoja culture. As a testament to that beginning, visitors will be able to sit in the very first madrasa called the Madrasa of Mulla Qadar Husayn in Mumbai.
The tour will be guided by two community historians: Dr Hasnain Walji, KHP Chair and Shaykh Kumail Rajani, KHP Deputy-Chair.

Watch this short video where Dr Hasnain Walji,
talks about exactly what you are about to embark on in this trip.

A message from the Khoja Heritage Project Team Dr Hasnain Walji, KHP Chair and Shaykh Kumail Rajani, KHP Deputy-Chair
Dr Hasnain Walji, KHP Chair, reminds us that "History serves as a model of who we are and what we are to be, as well as to know what to strive for and what to avoid. The Khoja Heritage Project team passionately believes that a concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a critical link to our faith and cultural legacy. It must never be forgotten that the Community is what it is today, largely because of an integrative locus of Khoja heritage and Islamic faith as per the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as). The two are far from being mutually exclusive.."
Shaykh Kumail Rajani, KHP Deputy-Chair, adds "I was encouraged to challenge my perception in respect to the unilateral role of faith in the fabric of the Khoja Community as I -along with sixty elderly community members- walked the narrow streets of Mandvi and Lalpur. The Khoja Heritage tour of seniors has unequivocally conveyed me that people connect with each other, not only on the grounds of faith but also due to their cordial appreciation of common culture and shared heritage."

Trip Information:

Where can I apply?
The application comes in two stages:

1. Sign up your details using our online form by clicking here

2. Send your payment of GBP 599/EUR 699/USD 799 on under campaign "Khoja Heritage Tour Dec 2018"

When is the deadline for the application?
July 15th, 2018.
When will the tour take place?
20th December – 30th December 2018.
Who can go?
Ladies and Gentlemen are welcome. However, you must be between the ages of 25 to 45 Years.
Which cities will be visited?
Bhuj, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Amreli, and Ahmedabad.
How much will the tour cost?
The ground package is GBP 599/EUR 699/USD 799
You must secure place by submitting your payment to, after completing this form. 
You can do this by: 
1. Under 'Search for a campaign or cause' please type in "Khoja Heritage Tour Dec 2018" 
2. Make a payment of the full fee (including registration fee): GBP 599/EUR 699/USD 799.  
3. Alternatively, you can secure your place by paying the registration fee of GBP 50 / EUR 60 / USD 70 by 15 July 2018. You can pay off the remaining balance by 15 Sept 2018.
Do I have to pay the full amount now?
You can opt to pay the registration fee of GBP 50 / EUR 60 / USD 70 by 15th July and pay the remaining balance by 15th Sept. Failure to submit payment will result in loss of place and registration fee.

Is the fee refundable?

Registration fees are non-refundable.  

Can I secure a place without paying?
Unfortunately not, we work on a first come first serve basis. In order to secure your place, you need to complete the online form and submit your payment as described above. 

What does the groud package consist of?

Domestic Transport, accommodation and food. You will need to arrange flights, visas and travel insurance. 


Download the poster here:

Find out more about the first Khoja Heritage Tour :
Read all about our first tour which took place in January 2018 for the senior members here.
Watch videos on our last tour here.


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