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18 July 2018 / 5. Zil-Qad 1439

Madinah and Bab – Boys Daily Blog – Friday 22nd August, 2014

Updated on 12 March 2018

Today was the final day of the Madinah and Bab course of this year. The journey as a whole was easily the most amazing in my entire life so far and for it to be coming to an end makes me and everyone else feel emotional. 

For the penultimate time of this life changing trip, I started the day by going for Fajr Namaz at the Haram of our 8th Holy Imam. After coming back, we slept until about 9:30 when we ate breakfast followed by a trip to the classroom at the Haram where we were given a lesson by Sayyed Shabbar. He gave us an engaging lecture completing his topic on the history of Imam Ar-Redha (AS). He taught us what led up to his martyrdom and his tragic poisoning and cruelty caused by Ma'mun bin Rashid (may Allah curse him). He also conveyed to us a short Masa’ib of the Imam. 

Today, being Friday and the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam As-Sadiq (AS), we continued the day by going to the Haram for Jumu'ah prayers. It was very busy and we were in fact amongst the last few people who were allowed in. The atmosphere was absolutely indescribable! After prayers and a Khutba, we returned to the hotel where we ate lunch and rested for a while before starting the closing ceremony hosted by Shaykh Kumail.

We were privileged to also be in the presence of Shaykh Yaqoob who had been studying in Qum for 20 years. He gave us a very interesting talk on the importance of guidance, practicality of guidance and types of guidance using the holy Quran as his reference.

Gifts were given to all mentors and organizers and Mentor Alihussein Jaffer gave a touching speech on behalf of everyone else. We were all also given beautiful gifts. Shaykh Kumail then spoke to us about the course and also about Imam As-Sadiq (AS) on the occasion of his Shahadat.  He gave us a biography followed by a beautifully yet emotionally portrayed commemoration of the Imam's martyrdom. 

After the ceremony came to an end, it was time for Maghribain prayers so we all headed out to the Haram. After Salaat, the majority of us went to the shop within the Haram to buy souvenirs and gifts to take home. We returned to the Haram later at night for our last reflection session and we discussed what we gained from the trip as well as the fears we had before arriving in Iran that we were leaving behind. 

It was very interesting to hear what others had to say and a common point which was brought up was the amazing connection we all developed with Bibi Ma'sumah and Imam Ar-Redha (AS) and the mentors also gave us gifts to remember the trip and the new friends we all made. 

We collectively decided that we will all remain in contact with each other in the future because this trip didn't just bring together a group of friends; rather we feel like one family. 

Leaving this beautiful place was never going to be easy but time passed so quickly that it is incomprehensible that we are leaving tomorrow Inshallah. Now we all pray that we get a chance to come again soon InshAllah. 

Written by: Mohammed Rhemtulla, Hujjat Stanmore Jamaat, UK

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