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16 October 2017 / 25. Muharram 1439

Madinah and Bab – Girls Daily Blog – Friday 15th August, 2014

Posted on Mon, 2014-08-18 10:54

The last Friday in Qum started off with us yawning and stretching as we were tired from the emotions poured from last night’s Dua Kumayl (it was amazing!). We prayed Salat-e-Jamaat for Fajr, which was accompanied by Dua-e-Nudba.

With the sun rising, we had breakfast and rushed to our classes. All of us had something to learn at the end of the day. Next we ran to the buses to reach in time for Jum’ah Namaaz which was a really nice experience as we were praying it in the Masjid –e- Azam built by Ayatullah Burujardi.

At 5PM we had an informative lecture by Sister Sajida Daya on the life history of Bibi Fatima Masuma (AS) and about the Holy city of Qom, its heritage and importance. We also discussed some of the famous personalities and Ulama buried in Qum.

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Later we rushed to the buses to go visit Mount Khidr, which is situated about 6km outside Qum. Climbing the mountain was strenuous, but at the same time enjoyable and we were at the top of the mountain in 15 minutes!

We recited Dua Simaat during sunset which was then followed by Jama’at Namaaz. The view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking as we got a bird’s eye view of Masjid Jamkaran and the Haram of Bibi Masuma (AS).

Last but not least, we had a spiritually uplifting and informative lecture and discussion by Shaykh Kumail. The topic was focused on a few lines of Dua-e-Iftitah regarding Imam Zaman (AFS) and about the role of women within his army.

Once we were back on the ground we visited Shuhadaa-e-Ghumshuda which means lost or unknown martyrs. This had martyrs during the Iraq Iran war who were unclaimed. 

Over all, it was indeed an experience of a lifetime! 

Written by: Participant AM from UAE

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Updated 18 December 2013

Nothing had prepared me for the brilliantly spiritual time I had with my mentees during The World Federation’s Madinah and Bab Summer Course this year. We formed a bond of sisterhood within the first few hours we met each other and soon became a closely knit family. No matter where we were from: Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Uganda, Kenya or the UK, together we attempted to gain a small drop from the ocean of knowledge available in the holy city of Qum.