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16 July 2018 / 3. Zil-Qad 1439

Madinah and Bab – Girls Daily Blog – Saturday 16th August, 2014

Updated on 12 March 2018

"A lady from my children, by the name of Fatima will be buried in Qum. Whoever visits her, will certainly be admitted to Heaven." Imam Sadiq (AS)

It was our last day in Qum today, a day where I woke up upset that we are leaving the Holy land of Qum. I wish I could stay here for the rest of my life! The Holy city of Qum has given me such an amazing experience and a lot of time to contemplate. From morning till night, I have been feeling upset and emotional. All these feelings I cannot even place and understand why I feel all these emotions; happy, upset, and confused. It was also our last opportunity to go and pray Fajr at the Haram which is always an amazing experience, seeing the sky turn from dark to light.

After we finished our classes, prayed Namaaz and ate lunch, we went to the Haram for a tour by Sister Sajida Daya of over 400 great Ulama's who are buried right next to the Holy Shrine of Bibi Masuma (AS). This area houses a great number of Ulama and Maraje such as Ayatullah Burujerdi, Allamah Tabatabai, Shaheed Mutahhari, Ayatollah Araki, Ayatollah Gulpaygani, Ayatollah Behjat, Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani, Ayatollah Muhammad Reza Gulpaygani, Ayatullah Bahaddini, Ayatullah Tabrizi, and many more. Sister Sajida briefly explained how each of these personalities gave exceptional contributions to Islam and how we can also strive to achieve such a status. We were also blessed to have a talk by Sister Sajida yesterday; she is a very knowledgeable and inspirational speaker MashAllah, and also gifted us with inspiring pieces of advice that left the girls and myself with a lot to ponder over.

After visiting the U’lama, we went to visit Ayatullah Mar’ashi's grave and had hoped to visit his world renowned library but unfortunately the opportunity did not avail to us. He is buried at the entrance of the library, as instructed in his will, which is often described by many as one of the most beautiful, thought provoking, and eloquent pieces of advice written by our respected Marja’. The Musalla on which he had prayed Salat al Layl for decades was buried with him as per his will.

We were then given a choice to go shopping or back to the Haram to perform our final Ziyarat and bid farewell to Bibi Masuma (AS); for me and many others it was a very emotional time, as I had built such a relationship with Bibi that she became a mother to me, someone who was always looking out for me while I was a guest in her holy city of Qum, always made sure I was ok and in my heart I felt it.  This last day is emotionally draining because of the attachment I have gained with Qum is like no other, I have never felt this way before.

These last few days I have noticed a change within myself, a change I have been longing for years and finally I have found it, my peace and serenity. Qum has been an experience that I cannot describe as it has no words, you have to be here to understand what emotions and feelings happen within yourself.

Bidding farewell to your mother is the hardest thing to do, but I long to come back and InshAllah ever year, I will make it my goal to visit my mother again.

"May Allah (swt) grant me return again and again to your Shrine with a true intention, faith, piety, humility and increased lawful, wholesome sustenance for as long as my Lord preserves my life." (Ziyarat al-Widaa').

InshAllah, may Allah (SWT) grant us another chance to come back to Qum to visit Bibi Masuma (AS). ameen

In the meanwhile, everyone is excited for our next journey to Imam Redha (AS) in Mashhad InshAllah.

A quote that has helped me through this journey and something I want to share it with you: "If you are on the way to Allah (SWT), then run, if it gets too hard for you, then jog. If you get tired, then walk, and if you can't, then crawl and never stop or go back."

Written by: Syeda Adeela Zahra Shah from Peterborough Jamaat, UK

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