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17 August 2018 / 5. Zil-Hajj 1439

Madinah and Bab – Girls Daily Blog – Saturday 9th August, 2014

Updated on 12 March 2018

Every morning in Jamiatul Zahra we have Jamaat Namaaz for Fajr. The Jamiah facility is considerate to its residents because after the Adhaan they recite Ziyarat Ashura; this is to ensure that the ladies get a chance to freshen up before Namaaz. Reciting Ziyarat Ashura everyday in the morning has many benefits, for example reciting it for 40 days leads to fulfilments of wishes, Inshallah. After Jamaat Salaat, the girls caught up on some more sleep until 8am in the morning for breakfast, this is to ensure that we have a day full of energy. For breakfast we are served their special roti and to some of the sisters’ delight, we even have Nutella!

Once the sisters were ready they headed across the Jamia towards the classes. The first class we had was with Sheikh Kazimi, this lesson reflects on the habits that we have and how we can change them. In this class we learned about the concept of Hayaa, this is a habit which is not clearly defined in English but it is most commonly known as modesty. Shaykh explained to us in detail the differences between Hayaa and shyness, or Hayaa and Taqwa. We feel that in these lessons we can interact easily as some of the topics we cover we can link to studies we have done in our religious studies lessons in our hometowns.  In this class the sisters are motivated as those who complete their homework are awarded with a prize.

After 45 minutes we have a 15 minute break and we head of to our second class with Sister Najiya. According to most of the Bab students they enjoy this class as it is the most interactive. This is because Sister Najiya communicates with us frequently and she engages us in some of her life experiences which are very interesting. Our main topic in this class is Mahdawiyah. We are learning about the life history of the 12th Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance) and how he came into the world. This class is loved by most of the students and unfortunately it is the class that goes by really quickly. After Sister Najiya’s class we are served with refreshments such as juice and biscuits or cake. This helps us to keep on going through the next lesson. The next lesson is with Shaykh Khalfan. This class revolves around the Tafsir of the Holy Quran. Many of the Bab girls are very passionate about the Quran and when we get an opportunity like this to learn the Tafsir of the Quran it really excites us and enables us to engage fully in class.

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Our Hawza classes were now over so we headed towards the “Aminah compound” of the Jamiah and we prepared for Salaat. After prayer our very caring maadars with such great hospitality had prepared lunch for us and others in the Aminah compound. The food was very tasty, we had jojeh kebab and rice which was very delicious. With our stomachs content, we headed off to the central Jamiah fountain. Here we bonded by having a chill out session.

The Bab sisters then freshened up for the Majlis that was organized by the Madina sisters for everyone and it started with some recitation of the Holy Quran by two sisters followed by few Marsiyas and Masaaib by one of the mentors. We finished off with Matam and Ziyarat Ashura. 

The mentors then announced that that the bus to Bait al Nur had arrived outside.  Arriving at Bait al Nur we met Sheikh Kumail Rajani who led us inside and gave us a small lecture on that holy place. Here we found out that this was the place where Bibi Masuma e Qum last did worship before she passed away.

Our next destination was Chehle Akhtaran which was where the 40 stars or the forty descendants of the prophet’s lineage are buried. Nearby there was the grave of Hazrat Musa Mubarqa- son of Imam Jawad (AS). We found out that his name Mubarqa comes from one of the acts that he did; which was wearing a burqa due to observance of Taqqiya. Our day finished off with a visit to the Haram of Bibi Masuma (AS) for Salaatul Maghribain and dinner at the Jamiah.

Written by Sameera Rajani from Milton Keynes, UK

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