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20 March 2019 / 13. Rajab 1440

Madinah and Bab – Girls Daily Blog – Thursday 14th August, 2014

To start off a beautiful day, a few of the girls gathered together to go to the Haram of Sayyida Fatima Masuma (AS) for Salatul Layl and Salatul Fajr. In one of our earlier classes, the importance of Salatul Layl was emphasised to us and the fact that it is highly recommended to pray even the Qadha if you did not wake up on time was enough to motivate us! Being in the Haram at the time of Fajr is completely different to being there at any other time of the day, not only because there are less people but because there is a certain sense of peace that more prominent in the air. Standing in the courtyard after Salah and Ziyarah, gazing upon the exquisite golden dome and the sheer magnitude of the entire masjid was enough to bring contentment to the heart. 

There was tension in the air in the morning, as four of us were receiving A-level results. Alhamdulillah most girls were happy with their results and despite how we all did, we put our achievements down to our hard work, faith and this wonderful opportunity we have been blessed with to ask Allah (SWT) through some of the personalities most beloved to Him, to allow us to achieve success. For those of us who were not so happy, we were able to find peace in the Haram of Sayyida Masuma (AS) and accept that “Verily, Allah (SWT) is the best of planners.”

During our daily three classes, we discussed a range of fascinating topics, varying from the significance of ring stones and how they affect the mood, to the main principles of monotheistic religions and finally the importance of friends and the types of friends we should keep as well as both the positive and negative influences they can have on us. Later in the afternoon, we visited a number of graves of scholars with very high status amongst the Muslim world. Ali bin Ibrahim was the teacher of Shaykh Kulayni (compiler of Al-Kafi) and he lived during time of Imam Hasan Al Askari (sa). The next grave we visited was of Ali bin Babawayh who was a representative of Imam Al Askari (sa). In the building where the grave was located, a stand was placed showing the letter he had written to Imam Mahdi (AJF) asking for a prayer to have a child, and he was later granted one who became the great scholar now known as Shaykh Sadooq. Finally we visited the Shaykhan graveyard, a very old and famous cemetery in Qum. Zakariya bin Adam was a companion of Imam Sadiq (sa), Imam Redha (sa) and Imam Jawad (sa). Imam Rida (sa) used to say “he is trusted in the affairs of this world and hereafter.” As well as Zakariya bin Adam, many other scholars such as Ayatullah Hakami Yazdi and Mirza Qummi are also buried there. 

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After some much needed shopping time, emotions were high in the evening amongst all of the girls as it was our final Thursday in the beautiful city of Qum. It was our final chance to listen to the intense but beautiful recitation of Dua Kumayl at the Haram of Sayyida Masuma (sa) after Salatul Maghrib. Although the Masaib which the reciter mentioned in the midst of the Dua was in Farsi, the names mentioned of Imam Hussain (sa) and Sayyida Zainab (sa) were enough to allow us non-Farsi speakers to piece together the little parts we did understand. That link of the beautiful relationship between Imam Hussain (sa) and Sayyida Zainab (sa) and Imam Rida (sa) and Sayyida Masuma (sa) is one that has personally always touched my heart. We returned to Jamia with the words of Dua Kumayl ringing in our ears and our hearts full of not only emotion but peace and contentment, ready to take on another day of this incredible experience. “Ya manismuhu dawa, wa dhikruhu shifa” – “Oh He Whose name is a Remedy and Whose remembrance is a Cure.”

Written by: Sumayya Alidina from Hyderi Jamaat, London

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