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22 February 2018 / 6. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439

Madinah and Bab 2013: ‘I recommend everyone to experience it’

Posted on Mon, 2014-03-03 06:12

The Madinah and Bab summer course of 2013 enabled me to gain further knowledge on various topics and about the Ahlul Bayt. Most importantly I was able to seek inspiration from scholars and different places which were visited. This journey was something that not only I was able to cherish whilst being there but until today I feel like I’m living with the experience/memories of yesterday.

An opportunity like this is something that I would use wisely to make changes within myself as for me it has been a life-changing experience. Although I had been to Iran before had I just felt like it was my first time doing ziyarat and being in Iran; it made me feel like I had missed out on so much on the previous trips.

Just knowing a bit more about the Ahlul Bayt allowed me to have a stronger relationship with them. If an opportunity like this arises for me again no doubt would I take it as the previous trips helped me to become the person I am today. This spiritual journey was something I recommend everyone to experience as it’s hard to express into words.

By Maliha Hosain of Portsmouth

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The 11th Annual Madinah and Bab al-Ilm Summer course was held in August, 2014. The 3-week summer course was organized in a way that would introduce the students to a Hawza style of living.

The sessions were facilitated by Sister Mehjabeen Rahim, GCSE Coordinator of The World Federation’s Islamic Education Department. The sessions were tailored to deliver a variety of teaching techniques, resources, and marking methodologies.

Updated 6 November 2013

The World Federation were invited to hold a stall at the Nahjul Balagha conference that took place on Sunday 29th September 2013 in Peterborough, UK.