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19 June 2018 / 5. Shawal 1439

Madinah And Bab al-Ilm Courses- Testimonial by Bedrija Imamovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Updated on 12 March 2018

Applications for the Madinah and Bab al-Ilm Courses are now open, if you would like to join as a participant or as a mentor please click here for more information. Deadline for applications is 30th April. 

For a girl who lives in a Sunni-majority country, having an opportunity to embark on this type of journey and Ziyarah was a once in a lifetime experience. As soon as we arrived to Iran after a long and tiring flight, we were warmly welcomed by our mentors who were excitedly waiting for an hour to finally meet the participants of this year’s camp. My first impression of our accommodation was the same as everyone else’s, because just after a few days spent in Jamia-tu-Zahra, all of us started calling it our home. The warm atmosphere from the dorm rooms to the canteen will always keep me aware of what kind of sisterhood is possible in our community with just a little effort. I have made such good friends in such a short time that after this trip I feel like missing a part of me.

Honestly my intention at first was going to Ziyarat, but after a few days I realised that none of the feelings and connections that I developed in this journey was possible without the classes that we had almost every day. Each morning I would be left with a few beautiful hadiths, thoughts and verses from the Holy Qur’an which I contemplated for hours. I would often hear girls talking about their aspiration to come back as a student of Islamic studies, and I am also hoping to return as a student after forming a bond with the sacred land of Qum. You often hear of the blessings that are provided by Bibi Masumah (as) making it easier for a student to seek knowledge in this city, that certainly makes sense to me now after I felt the sweetness of learning. Our mentors took their job seriously such that every time a problem occurred they would react instantly. But to me, the beauty of this journey was the fact that everything went by smoothly unlike other journeys I have experienced in my life. Even if there were some difficulties, our supervisors handled it in a way that we were not aware of it.

And when the whole journey came to an end, I was not conscious that I had to separate from Mashhad and Qum until the moment I saw the land of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Without a doubt I have changed myself after this camp in both a spiritual and practical manner. I even had a unique chance to improve my knowledge of not only the English language, but also Farsi. I am left with nothing else but to first of all thank Allah (swt) for giving me this chance, and to Imam Ar-Redha and Bibi Masumah (as) for calling me to their home, and last but not least to thank The World Federation for enabling youth (at their critical age) from all over the world to have an experience which surely is indescribable with words or pictures. But now I am left with these two tools to daily rewind my memories of the best time in my life. My prayers are always full of hope that I will come back as an inspiring mentor to young generations and to prepare a ready army for our beloved and long awaited Imam Al Zaman (atfs).

 The World Federation would be grateful for any amount of donation that you are able to make towards the Courses. Your donation will go towards inspiring a young person of the community towards the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as) and the experience we pray, will stay with them forever.

Payment can be made either online or by posting a cheque to the office at: The World Federation, Iran Summer Course, Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, HA7 4LQ, UK. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The World Federation’. Or you may simply telephone us and we will take the donation over the phone using a credit/debit card.

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The journey was Alhamdulillah an amazing experience. Once the participants arrived the course started in full swing with classes in the morning, outings in the evening and prayers in the Haram at night, the time flew by.

In past years, my role in the Madinah and Bab Course has been involvement in the administrative side of things prior to the actual trip and this task would typically terminate at the airport where I would hand over the passports, reassure the parents and check the team in.