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22 May 2017 / 25. Shabaan 1438

Madinah and Bab Youth Summer Courses 2015 – Applications Now Open for Students

Posted on Sat, 2015-03-21 10:49

The deadline for submitting your applications for the Madinah and Bab courses has been extended to 30th April 2015Places are filling up fast so please apply quickly! 

If you would like to apply as a Mentor for the Madinah and Bab al-Ilm Summer Courses, please Click Here 

Following months of preparation and coordination, The World Federation, in partnership with The Africa Federation (AFED), The Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ), and the North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Organisation (NASIMCO) is pleased to announce the launch of the renowned Madinah al-Ilm and Bab al-Ilm Youth Summer Courses in Iran.

These courses are truly life-changing and have been described by many as one that they will never forget.

The Courses

  1. The Madinah al-Ilm course is for boys and girls (separate camps) between the ages of 18 and 24 years old and will run from 23rd July to 12th August 2015 InshAllah.
  2. The Bab al-Ilm course is for boys and girls (separate camps) between the ages of 14 and 17 years old and will run from 23rd July to 12th August 2015 InshAllah.

(Note: There may be slight variations in the dates for each region based on regional flight itineraries)

Participants will have the opportunity to visit the cities of Qum, Mashhad, Tehran, and a tourist spot.

Participant prices
The programme is heavily subsidised and each participant is encouraged to pay a minimum of the subsidised cost. If an applicant can afford to pay the full amount, then they must do so.
The full and subsidised costs per region are as follows:

  • Europe full cost - £1,650 GBP
  • Europe subsidised cost - £1,050 GBP              
  • Africa full cost - $3,000 USD                       
  • Africa subsidised cost - $2000 USD                         
  • North America full cost - $3,800 USD/CAD                                         
  • North America subsidised cost - $2,600 USD/CAD                  
  • Dubai full cost - $1,500 USD (excluding flight and visa costs)                                
  • Dubai subsidised cost - $800 USD (excluding flight and visa costs)                                    

If you would like to attend but are financially unable to do so, please contact your regional federation in confidence. Any requests for additional subsidies will not be considered after an application has been accepted.

More Information

There are a number of ways to find out more about these excellent courses, including the following:

  • Click here to view frequently asked questions
  • Click here for Rules and regulations/ dress code
  • Click here for daily blogs from last year’s courses
  • Click here to view the AFED poster
  • Click here to view the CoEJ poster
  • Click here to view the Dubai poster
  • Click here to view the NASIMCO poster

How to Apply

To apply as a participant, complete the application form.   

Participants from CoEJ should click here.


Those having difficulties submitting the online application form should email us at and we will send you a Word version of the application form to complete.

Please note that your application will not be considered, unless we receive the following:

  • A scanned copy in jpeg of your passport photo page.  Your passport must be valid until at least April 2016.
  • A copy of a recent passport sized photograph in jpeg, taken in the last 6 months. Photos of female applicants must be in full hijab, otherwise the visa application will be automatically rejected.
  • A deposit of £50/$50 to be paid to your regional federation ( AFED, NASIMCO, DUBAI) - the deposit will be refunded for those who are unsuccessful in their application. 
  • European participants will be required to pay a deposit of £200 to Coej. This will be refunded for those who are unsuccessful in their application. 

Deadline for Applications:

The subsidised costs are heavily subsidised and there are limited places available. The deadline for applications is 20th April 2015.

Please note that for those applying as a participant, if we are happy that an applicant has met the selection criteria, places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Donations & Sponsorships

These courses are only possible through the kind donations of our supporters. Please donate generously and earn eternal reward for you and your respected marhumeen. 

Click here to go to our donations page.

For more information or to make a donation email

For more information or to becoming a mentor, please email

Related News

In its series of Ahkam-e Mayyit Workshops, The World Federation India Office in partnership with KSI Jamaat Mumbai conducted the third workshop on 23 February 2014 for gents. The Workshop was well attended by 15 participants.


The workshop aims were to give practical training to the participants on:

• How to handle a Dead Body with Respect

• How to conduct Ghusl, Hunut, Kafan

• How to conduct Namaz-e Mayyit, and Burial

• The rules concerning Post-Burial


My second morning at Jamiatuz Zahra Hawza was calm and relaxed. We woke up to find that COEJ Participants had arrived from the UK. After introducing ourselves to our new roommates, we all started preparing ourselves for the day’s program.

After Salaat and Lunch, we had a short ice breaker session where we got to know a little bit about each other. The ground rules for the camp were set and the session ended with the mentors and participantssharing their reflections on the etiquettes of Ziyarah to prepare ourselves for the evening trip to the Haram of Seyyida Masuma (AS).

Every morning in Jamiatul Zahra we have Jamaat Namaaz for Fajr. The Jamiah facility is considerate to its residents because after the Adhaan they recite Ziyarat Ashura; this is to ensure that the ladies get a chance to freshen up before Namaaz.