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17 March 2018 / 29. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439

Meet the Mentors on the Madinah & Bab Summer Course 2015 – Part 2

Posted on Fri, 2015-06-26 15:03

We are pleased to introduce to you the male mentors for this year’s Madinah and Bab course which will take place Inshallah from 23rd of July to 12th of August, 2015.

Mustafa Merali – Qum

Mustafa Merali was born in Mombasa, Kenya and moved to London, UK at an early age. He successfully completed his education and university studies in Actuarial Science and worked in the Finance Industry. Mustafa is an active member of the Stanmore community.  He attended the Madinah al Ilm Course as a participant in 2008. Mustafa moved to Qum in October 2014 to learn the Farsi language and pursue Islamic studies.

Mustafa says, “I am very blessed to be accepted as a mentor this year. My experience as a participant in 2008 is still haunting me and I look forward to assist in making this camp a spiritually enlightening experience for all!” 

Hussein Abdallah - Kenya

Hussein Abdallah is a Kenyan citizen from the eastern province of Kenya.  He is currently a student of South Eastern Kenya University undertaking Bachelors of Science in Food Nutrition & Dietetics. Hussein is proud to be a follower of AhlulBayt (AS) and is always driven by the urge to serve others as he treads along his spiritual journey.

Hussein says, “I was privileged to attend the same course last year as a mentee. It was really amazing to live under an Islamic environment which is totally different from the environment I have grown up in.
We visited different holy cities and I personally learnt a lot from the life of Sayyida Masuma, Imam Redha (AS) and many other great personalities. Since then, I have really tried to change the lives of many in my local community utilizing the knowledge I gained. I am looking forward to support our participants in this course and develop my spirituality even more. May Allah help us be part of the perfect government of our last Imam and hasten his reappearance!”

Hassan Rocky – Kenya

Hassan Rocky is from the coast province of Kenya and is currently studying Islamic Sciences in the Islamic Seminary of Qum. He is a second year Islamic sciences student at the Ahlul Bayt International University. Hassan is a member of the Imamul Hujjah center Jama'ah in Chengoni which is under the Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya where he has served as a teacher, member to the projects implementation committee, youth adviser and Imamul Jama'ah.

Hassan says, “In line with Imam Redha's (AS) words – ‘May Allah have mercy on the one who keeps our affairs alive.... who learns our knowledge and teaches it to others, for of people knew the goodness of our speech they would follow us’, I intend to use the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (AS) to influence people of my community with the aim of transforming their lives morally, economically and socially. My quest to serve the lovers of Ahlul Bayt is what drives me more towards this course. I am very hopeful that I will come out a better Mubaligh. 

Shabbirali Khimji – Tanzania

Shabbirali Khimjia currently lives in Tanzania and is studying psychology. He attended a youth leadership development program and mentor development program in order to prepare himself for the Moshi youth camp, which he took part in as a mentor. He is currently volunteering as an assistant teacher at Madrassa. Also he has been supporting the Africa youth network.

Shabbirali says, “I am looking forward to helping and interacting with the youths so that I can learn from them as well as guide others and to help them as well as himself in this journey of life. I am also looking to gain a much better understanding of the religion of Islam in order to uplift not only myself but others spiritually.

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