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20 April 2018 / 4. Shabaan 1439

Mulla Asghar Resource Center (MARC) launches “From the Roots Of Abraham” Interfaith Exhibition

Updated on 12 March 2018

In fulfillment of its mandate to enhance interfaith understanding, MARC inaugurated “From the Roots Of Abraham”  Exhibition” to highlight the commonalities of the values of the three Abrahamic faiths. On Saturday Sep. 15.   Amongst the hundreds of multi-faith attendees, were the Honorable George Sarthy the Chief Justice of Ontario  and the Mayor of Richmond City.

“From The Roots of Abraham” interfaith exhibition offers Jewish, Christian and Muslim men and women to enhance their knowledge of one another’s faiths. It is named after Prophet Abraham because he championed the concept of monotheism and uniquely enjoys the unanimous acclaim of the three major faith traditions of. Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  This consensus amongst faiths makes Prophet Abraham an interfaith icon and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our commonalities. 

“More than ever before, in these times of increasing conflict in the world we must spare no effort in building  positive relationships amongst all people of the world . I hope that  "From The Roots of Abraham" will provide beacons as we navigate our modern societies in a sea of diversity that has brought many faiths, cultures and traditions in our global village. “ DR Hasnain Walji – President and Founding Director of MARC.

By designing exhibits that teach us about each other’s faith traditions and learning about the practice of our respective faiths, the organizers hope to increase respect for all the Abrahamic religions.

As a preamble to the inauguration of the exhibition, a distinguished panel of speakers including Dr. Shari Golberg , Natalie Doucet   and Shabnees Siwjee reflected on their personal experiences of the Gift of Giving form the Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives.   

“Giftivism is a universal concept that promotes the practice of radically generous acts that transform the world.  History has seen giftivists in all corners – Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and so forth  The seeds of giftivism lie in each of us. But to tap into it we have to do something all these giftivists people did.” said Shafiq Ebrahim the introducing the panel.

The panelists will explore the path to Giftivism and the vast potential it holds for returning us to the priceless gift of giving. The panelist encouraged that as a society once we shift from consumption to contribution so that we will truly discover into the joy giving .

The exhibition is expected to run until Sep 2015 and is opne 7 days a week as specific times. Please visit to plan your visit.  Groups and Schools may contact MARC staff to arrange a guided tour.

About MARC

Acknowledging that access to knowledge is a cornerstone of Islam. MARC was established as an independent resource center within the Jaffrey Village Complex in 2009. Its declared vision is to be a premier state of the art Islamic resource centre in North America providing research and learning facilities to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.  MARC strives to foster community cultural life and enhance interfaith understanding by hosting exhibits, housing historic, fine arts, and literary collections, and providing spaces that attract scholars, students and the general public to read, study, and come together to share the great values of all faiths.

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