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21 June 2017 / 26. Ramadhan 1438

NASIMCO Annual Conference 2014

Posted on Wed, 2014-04-23 12:12

This year's NASIMCO conference theme will be Islamic Charities & Charity Law.Representation by all Jamaats at the conference will be greatly valued as we discuss how our community nonprofit organizations can strengthen their governance standards and improve financial accountability  with regards to moving charitable funds. There will be a presentation and workshop by a lawyer to help understand local and international laws regarding charity and how to comply to those laws.

The conference will be held on June 7th-8th, in Vancover hosted by the Shia Muslim Community of British Columbia. It will be a valuable experience as we evaluate ways in which our communities can effectively build stronger and more transparent processes, and thereby fostering law complaint communities.

NASIMCO invites all members of constituent Jamaats to attend the conference as observers of the proceedings.

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