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24 May 2017 / 27. Shabaan 1438

Ramadhan Relief 1435: 4th Annual ‘Children helping Children’ Campaign

Posted on Wed, 2014-07-02 23:40

Bring back the smiles on the faces of children in Iraq


Every day in Iraq, the lives of thousands of children are being torn apart by the ongoing violence that is slowly spreading in the nation. More than 1 million people are internally displaced in northern and central Iraq, including half a million children. In Najaf, children including countless orphans are living in fear, terrified that the fighting will roll into their relatively safe and peaceful neighbourhoods.


The World Federation’s Ramadhan Relief Fund ensures that thousands of children including orphans have enough food to eat, have suitable clothes to wear and have their other basic needs met – making the Holy month of Ramadhan a month to look forward to.

This Ramadhan, The World Federation is once again inviting children and youth from around the world to join our 4th Annual Children Helping Children Campaign to raise awareness and donations for the Ramadhan Relief Fund. This year, proceeds raised from the Children Helping Children Campaign will fund nutritious meals, clothing and other necessities for thousands of Iraqi kids (including orphans). Every child and youth has the power to make a difference and bring back the smiles on the faces of children in Iraq. 

Moms, dads, grandparents, schools, Jamaat leaders, youth committees and community members - please encourage the children in your communities and families to join in on this global effort. Together, let’s make this the best Ramadhan ever for the thousands of Iraqi children who could use a little love and support right now. 



3 Simple Steps

1.  CHOOSE A FUNDRAISING IDEA that you can find sponsors or donors for    

Drop us an email at  and let us know:  Your full name, age, mailing  address,  email, and of course, your fundraising idea. 

Here are some ideas:

Create a video or movie

Make a speech at your Islamic Centre


Hold a craft or bake sale

Organize a sports night or tournament 



Now you can fundraise locally and worldwide!

Email your newly set up page to your family and friends and ask them to make a donation.



Funds collected through will automatically be sent to The World Federation

Funds received by you can be sent to The World Federation office in Stanmore, UK (please email for more info) The World Federation has already made arrangements to ensure that aid reaches the children and their families in time for Ramadhan. All donations collected by the children will be added to the Ramadhan Relief Fund. 


The people of Iraq are undergoing extremely difficult times. With the escalating violence and the threat of war looming in the region, a humanitarian crisis is slowly unfolding leaving families worried about how their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter will be met in the coming weeks. Please donate generously to the Ramadhan Relief Fund 1435. This Ramadhan, your contribution will help support these men, women and children in their time of need. 



or in Europe, click here



Donate directly to your Jamaat Treasurer


For more information, please email


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