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17 January 2018 / 29. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1439

Ramadhan Relief Annual Report 1434 (2013): A reflection on last year

Posted on Wed, 2014-06-11 20:36

Thank you for standing up for so many deserving men, women and children last Ramadhan by supporting The World Federation’s Ramadhan Relief Fund 1434. Living in poverty and barely getting enough to eat is not easy. By working together with our donors, volunteers and beneficiary families, we made sure that we reached out to as many people as we could to wipe out the pain of poverty during this blessed month. The Ramadhan Relief Annual Report 1434 shows how your support came together to ease the hardships of over 180,000 people last Ramadhan.”


Shan-E-Abbas Hassam

Secretary General

The World Federation

Download/View - Ramadhan Relief Annual Report 1434-2012



Last Ramadhan, with your support, we:

  • Distributed £376,750 GBP/$610,000 USD in aid

  • Gifted over 14,200 food baskets

  • Sponsored over 2,900 iftaars

  • Presented over 2,000 Eid gifts to children

  • And much more


Thanks to our donors who contributed to the Ramadhan Relief Fund last year, we were able to help so many men, women and children including:


Akber (Bangladesh) – who was born deaf and mute. His mother would work odd jobs to provide for her son because he could not find any work due to his disability. Last year, Akber’s mother passed away. Ramadhan Relief helped to pay for some of his living expenses.


Ibrahim (Gaza Strip) - is a Palestine refugee living in Gaza. He has been a fisherman for all his adult life.

The Israeli blockade on the coastal enclave in recent years has made it extremely difficult for him to support his family of 12. Ten years ago, there was a 12-mile limit on fishing; now it has been reduced to 6 miles. He said: “I am happy at sea and happy to be fishing. This is what I am good at - if only there was something to catch. It is very depressing when I go home empty handed.” The World Federation was able to provide food assistance to Ibrahim and his family last Ramadhan.


Zeba (Pakistan) - Zeba is a widow who has 3 daughters and one son. She is disabled. Her eldest daughter is 15 and looks after the household. Her 14 year old son works on a farm to help provide for the family. Last year, they received a food basket to help make the month of Ramadhan a little easier.



Thanks to everyone’s collective and generous support, we were able to distribute 376,750 GBP / 610,000 USD in various forms of aid including food baskets, iftaars, monetary assistance and debt relief. Please help us again this year with a donation to the Ramadhan Relief Fund 1435. Your support is making a difference!



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For more information or for sponsorship opportunities, please email



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