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18 November 2017 / 28. Safar 1439

The Spirit of Shopping

Posted on Tue, 2014-12-02 13:22

“(The reward of) all deeds depend on their intention.” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Have you ever wondered how to convert a daily chore or even an act of indulgence into something that will aid you in the hereafter? We all strive to try and incorporate a spiritual aspect into our daily, material lives, but often forget to under the pressure of busy schedules.

The World Federation of KSIMC has started a new scheme at no extra cost to you that can help you turn the simplest of tasks – shopping – into an act of worship. Simply support us through easyfundraising and every purchase you make can contribute to a good cause somewhere in the world! is affiliated with over 2,700 retailers including Argos, Currys, Amazon, Tesco and Debenhams. Whether you want to shop for your weekly groceries or plan a family vacation, you can find a reliable provider on their list.

When you buy from any of these retailers, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to a cause of your choice and we hope that will be us!  If you support The World Federation, your donations will go towards empowering children with the education they need to fulfil their dreams, providing basic necessities to the needy in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries and helping improve the social, economic and health situations of thousands around the world.

Who knew that adding a simple click to your shopping trip could give so much to the world?

How to Join Our Fundraising Family

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the site and create a new account for yourself.  You can do this using an email account or your Facebook account (which will allow you to share the good news with your friends and family!)

When you create your account and are prompted to choose your cause, type in ‘The World Federation of KSIMC’ to find us. 

Step 2: Important! Install Donation Reminder

Don’t forget to install the add-free Donation Reminder so that you don’t have to go via the easyfundraising website every time you shop! The Donation Reminder will automatically pop up as a yellow header bar every time you go to a site that allows you to donate to our cause. 

Step 3: Search and Shop

Once you have an account and the reminder, browse and shop as you normally would, activating the easyfundraising donation button whenever you want to.

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Intention!

Helping out the causes at The World Federation is always a two-way relationship; you get to help people in this world and your efforts and support will, insha’Allah, help you in the next. So remember to make a conscious intention for charity before you click on that check-out button!

Shopping on-site

If you prefer to go via the Easyfundraising site or just want to check out our profile there, click on the link below:

Note: You’ll have to search for the retailer you want to shop from and then will be re-directed to their site.

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“The parable of those who spend their possessions for the sake of God is that of a grain out of which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains: for God grants manifold increase unto whom He wills; and God is infinite, all-knowing.”

- Surah 2, Al-Baqarah, verse 261

Violence in Iraq is running at its highest levels since 2006/2007. More than 900 people were killed last month, according to figures separately compiled by the United Nations and the government. Over 4,000 have been killed so far this year.

Elders of the Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim Communities around the globe have made significant contributions throughout their lives to the betterment of their communities.