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20 January 2019 / 13. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1440

Thursday Night Question Time with the Youth Pre-Exco3

Updated on 28 November 2018

Pre-Exco Question Time Session with the Khoja Youth!



On November 29th, 2018 at the FEN Auditorium, The Pakistan Federation and KPSIAJ organised an interactive meeting with The World Federation Office Bearers and the Khoja youth of the Pakistani community. The meeting was held to give an insight into the objectives and future plans of The World Federation for the Khoja Youth community.


The panel of the meeting was offering the youth their expert advice and suggestions on important issues relevant to them which was then followed by an interactive question and answer session.


We were glad to see a huge turnout and representation from both men and women in our community. The session was actively engaged from the get go and due to the flowing dialogue, time ran out quickly!


“It gives me great pride to see such engagement with the Pakistani Youth. We made this special event outside of Exco to hear from them and understand what the current obstacles they are facing and how can we work together as a wider community to help overcome the issues raised within the session. I am extremely grateful for those who took the time out of their lives to join us in an engaging evening. I look forward to keeping the dialogue open and having more conversations such as these with the wider communities”


Here are a sample some of the questions the panel took during the question session:

Q. Salam Alykum Shan can you please let us know what your involvement is in Yemen?


A. Shan: The current state of affairs in Yemen as we can all agree is horrific, there is a major crisis in Yemen, we see there is severe famine and as a result we are working with a well known Shia agency to give food, aid and we are actively looking for funds to help the people of Yemen. We are in the process of providing a report for Yemen.  Our partner is on the ground is informing us what is needed. With our Zero % admin policy you can be rest assured all donations given for the Yemen Appeal will all be donated to that appeal.  

Q. We are doing a good job in education, how can the Hussaini Foundation be linked with the World Federation.


A. Although the Hussaini Foundation heavily focuses on Education, we would like to know how can we better link with The World Federation.


Q. We agree and we know there is a big disconnect between The World Federation and the community grassroutes. There is no direct link connecting the two. We have over 120,000 khojas, and we must think of new ideas and ways to interact better with each other. This leads me on to announce the launch of our new website called Khoja News, this is a new initiative which is due to launch early next year. The focus of this website is to highlight the key achievements and celebrate the major Khoja milestones of all ages. More like having a sense of belonging. The Pakistani Jamaat is already paving the pay teaching us how to be more interactive with each other. If you would like to learn more about our campaigns we run, please log on to our website and sign up for our weekly newswires.


A. Our Motto is and will always be exist to serve. We want to ensure we keep reinvesting in ourselves by bringing in more professionals into our community. You ask any jammat where we have so many professionals and they don’t come back into the community. Another option to consider is our new campaign which requires volunteers, meaning we need you! This is called WF Changers. You can sign up here and tell us what you are interested in and we will ensure we utilize your skills in the correct way.


Q. People across the globe are innovating in technology, how can we implement this in our community? How are we working on changing the traditional role to a more diverse role?


A. We know these days are not the same as it was 20 years ago were all if not most Khojas studied in a “typical” respectable role. However we are working towards the future now and as a result career life choices are changing. We need to be able to encourage our youth to take these alternative careers and represent us In all walks of life. Even the likes of Howza studying, they are understanding the need to move their studies past the traditional route. Let’s keep talking about these life-changing courses and apply it to our life and showcase we can be anywhere and everywhere. 


The idea is to first research what you like, understand it on all levels, and if you feel passionate about it please go ahead and peruse your dreams. 


The alternative career choice, for example, is working in the governing sector, remember we should be representing in all fields especially Media and getting involved in Politics.  We need to change our mindsets and make a stand where possible.


As a community, we need to focus on two sets of people who can significantly make a difference in our communities’ life. I mean more Ulamas and Leaders in Islamic ethics within politics. We must remember our forefathers did so much so that we can be here today. They came out of their comfort zone and worked hard to move us away to better horizons, however in doing so, they never compromised their religion and we must learn from that. You need to ask the following questions, why am I doing it? What drives me to the change? Have I reached my full potential, how much further can I push myself?


Q. How are we investing in women?

A. We must continue to invest and highlight women within our community. By investing,  I mean to help microfinance a women who is working hard to maybe start up their own business. I strongly believe investing in women is key, and should we do more? Most certainly we should.

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