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21 April 2018 / 5. Shabaan 1439

Zilhajj 1435 - Hajj Resources

Updated on 12 March 2018

Hajj, the Spiritual journey of a lifetime. The opportunity when all sins can be forgiven. A chance to connect with Muslims from around the globe, regardless of race, sect or socioeconomic class. The primary opportunity however, is the opportunity to get closer to Allah (swt). However, merely going on Hajj may not help us to get closer to Allah (swt). It is what we do with such an opportunity that really counts. 

The World Federation is pleased to announce that they are providing a wide range of resources that can help with the spiritual and enlightening journey of Hajj.

Hajj= Ritual+Spiritual

Hajj Series By Dr.M.H.Datoo September 2014 complete edition is now available to watch online. 

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Download MP3 Sound Files for Hajj

MP3 sound files based on the Hajj - that unique invitation of The Almighty to visit His house.  This collection comprises of Qur'an recitation, Dua's, Lectures, Ziyaraat, and Nasheeds; all relating to Hajj.

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The Spiritual Aspects of Hajj (Revised)

A Translation of Imam Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn’s (ʿA) Discourse on Hajj with al-Shiblī
Translated and introduced by Mohammed Ali Ismail

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40 Ahadith: The Spiritual Journey – Hajj

This book aims to work not on the physical rituals that accompany Hajj, but on one's development of one's spiritual side, in order to become closer to Allah. 

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A Manual of Hajj Rituals

This comprehensive guide to Hajj contains a wide range of essentials to make your Hajj spiritual and purifying. From the Hajj rituals that are made obvious by the title of this book, to the variety of questions on Hajj and Umrah that have been answered by Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Saiyyid Seestani, the author of this book, you will not regret buying this book for one second. 

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Daily Dua for the Month of Zilhajj

Available in a wide array of colours, this Dua card will help to keep your daily spiritual levels high, both during and out of the Hajj pilgrimage. 

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Hajj - Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammadzia Abadi

A comprehensive guide to the pilgrimage that is Hajj. In this, a variety of matters are discussed, from the social effects of Hajj, to the stages of Hajj. Such a guide is a must have for anyone going on Hajj, giving you the information and knowledge to help you make your Hajj journey a worthwhile one. 

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Hajj - Lectures

In this DVD, Mulla Asgher talks about the Fiqh and significance of Hajj. To make Hajj the successfully spiritual journey you want it to be, it is important to know such things about it. 

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HAJJ and UMRAH Made Easy - according to the Verdicts of Ayatullah Sistani

Ayatullah Sistani presents to you: a thorough guide on the performance of Hajj, from the common mistakes in Ihram for Hajj, to the rule of stoning the ‘uqbah. Ensure a worthwhile benefit from your performance of Hajj - the insight you will gain from this guide is absolutely invaluable. 

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I am here, O Allah, I am Here - On Hajj

This short book of supplications is key for anyone new, or inexperienced, with regards to the pilgrimage - it outlines the necessary rituals and prayers that need to be performed.

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Islamic Funbooks - Hajj (For ages 6 to 12)

This exciting, colourful publication introduces children to the notion of the Holy Pilgrimage, and it's benefits.

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Secrets of HAJJ

This book, written by Ayatullah Al Hajj Shaykh Husain Mazaheri, alludes to some of the more subtle features of Hajj, in order to round off one's knowledge about the pilgrimage.

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Tahajjud Salat - Merits, Preparations, Comprehensive Method, Supplications etc

A publication vital for Hajj, this book contains the merits, required preparations, comprehensive method, supplications, as well as a section with common Hajj question and answers.

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The Hajj- A Personal Journey - Downloadable Version (EPUB and MOBI)

In this downloadable book, the author charts out the journey he undertook in 1999, and his observations and activities. He traces his journey from his arrival in Saudi Arabia to his return to London, England. This astounding, true story about Mujtaba Datoo's personal pilgrimage should prepare one for their own pilgrimage.

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4GB Media Player pre loaded with MP3s for Hajj (Lectures, Duas, Munajat, Ziarat, Nauha, Qasidas etc)

It may not exactly be an iPhone, but with this convenient and portable preloaded media player, you can enhance and help your spirituality during Hajj. However, the special feature here is being able to stay connected to Allah, as the distractions of the material world will not stand in your way.

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Akhlaqiyat in Hajj - Lectures (DVD)

A set of lectures in English by Mulla Asghar. While Hajj is not mentioned per se, just the fact that there are lectures of spiritual significance on this DVD is enough to help oneself toward succeeding in their spiritual journey of Hajj.

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