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23 June 2017 / 28. Ramadhan 1438


Published June 2014 - Last amended May 2014

All Praise is due to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Who through His benevolence has bestowed upon us We the Organisations comprising of the followers of the Shia Ithna- Asheri faith RECOGNISING THAT all efforts to serve the believers in particular and  humanity in general should be for the sake of none but Allah;

RECOGNISING THAT believers are guardians of one another, they enjoin  good and forbid evil;

RECOGNISING THAT commandment of Allah is to establish justice on  earth, therefore, a Muslim society acts as an instrument to ensure that  His commandment is fulfilled; and RECOGNISING THAT the affairs of a Muslim society are conducted by  consultations, Do ordain and establish this constitution.

1. Title 1.1  There  is  hereby  established  a  federation  of  the  Khoja  Shia  Ithna-Asheri  Communities  and  the  Shia  organisations  throughout  the  world  to  be  known  as  the World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities hereinafter  referred to as “the Federation”.

1.2  The World  Federation is  a  religious  charitable  organization  registered in  the  UK  with  Charity  Number  282303.  As  such,  The  World  Federation  operates  in  accordance with the applicable rules and regulations as contained within the laws  of the United Kingdom.

2. Definitions In this constitution the following expressions shall have the following meanings:-

2.1 ‘the Community’ shall mean all those persons throughout the world who are  of the Shia Ithna-Asheri faith; 

2.2 ‘the Constitution’ means this constitution as originally adopted subject to any  amendments made in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained;

2.3  ‘the  Executive  Council’  shall  mean  the  members  for  the  time  being  of  the  Executive  Council  of  the  Federation  constituted  in  accordance  with  the  constitution or a quorum of such members at a meeting of the Executive Council;

2.4 ‘the Conference’ shall mean a general meeting of delegates of the members  of the Federation convened in accordance with the Constitution;

2.5 ‘the  President  of  the  Federation’  shall mean  the  President  of  the  Federation  who is a Khoja Shia  Ithna-Asher member of  the Community,  for  the  time being  elected in accordance with the Constitution;

2.6  ‘the  Vice  President’  shall mean  the  Vice  President  of  the  Federation  for  the  time being elected in accordance with the Constitution;

2.7 ‘the Secretary General’ shall mean  the Secretary General  for  the  time being  of the Federation elected in accordance with the Constitution;

2.7 (a) ‘‘the  Assistant  Secretary  General’  shall  mean  the  Assistant  Secretary  General  for the time being of the Federation being appointed in accordance with  the Constitution;

2.8  ‘the  Honorary  Treasurer’  shall  mean  the  Honorary  Treasurer  for  the  time  being of the Federation elected in accordance with the Constitution;

2.8 (a) ‘the  Assistant  Honorary  Treasurer’  shall  mean  the  Assistant  Honorary  Treasurer  for  the  time  being  of  the  Federation  being  elected in  accordance with  the Constitution;

2.9  ‘the  Office  Bearers’  shall  mean  the  President,  Vice  President,  Secretary  General  and  the  Honorary  Treasurer,  Assistant  Secretary  General  and  Assistant  Honorary Treasurer  for the time being of the Federation elected and/or appointed  in accordance with the Constitution;

2.10  ‘the  Trustees’  shall  mean  the  Trustees,  being  Khoja  Shia  Ithna-Asheri  member  of  the  Community,    for  the  time  being  holding  the  property  of  the  Federation in accordance with the Constitution;

2.11 ‘Jamaat’ shall mean a community or organisation of persons professing Shia  faith; 

2.12 ‘‘Associate Member’ shall mean an existing member Jamaat which is unable  to join a Regional Federation; 

2.13 ‘Post’ means communication sent by post or courier in its original form; 

2.14 ‘Constituent Member’ means a member of a Regional Federation which is a  member of the World Federation; 2.15 ‘Financial expert’ means an individual, company or firm who is an  authorised  person  or  an  exempted  person  within  the  meaning  of  the  Financial  Services Act 1986;

  2.16 ‘the  Electoral  Commission’  shall  mean  the  Electoral  Commission  of  the  World Federation for the time being elected in accordance with the Constitution;

2.17 ‘Electoral College Points’ shall mean the definition set out in Clause 20.3;

2.18 The  Standard  Operating  Procedures  [SOP]  shall  mean  the  Standard  Operating  Procedures  for  the  election  of  the  post  of  The  President  of  the  Federation, which shall be passed by the Conference. The Executive Council may  make necessary changes with a two thirds majority by those present and voting,  however,  such  changes need  to be ratified at  the  subsequent Conference with a  simple majority by those present and voting.  The matter dealing with changes to the SOP shall require at least 24 hours notice  prior to the Executive Council Meeting. In order to amend the SOP at a Conference shall require only a simple majority.

2.19 ‘Geographical  Regions’  shall  mean  the  7  defined  Regions  comprising  America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, India and East Asia/Oceania;

3. Membership

3.1 Eligibility Khoja  Shia  Ithna-Asheri  Bodies,  Jamaats,  Communities  or  Organisations  established  in  such  geographical  regions  as may  be  feasible  and  agreed  by  the  Executive  Council  shall  be  eligible  for  a  single  membership  of  the  Federation.  Where  no  Regional  Federation  exists,  the  current  individual  member  Jamaats  shall form such a Regional Federation and apply for membership of the Federation  no later than eight years from this change in the Constitution (8 October 2003).

  In  the  event  one  or  more  current  individual  member  Jamaat  shall  not  join  a  Regional  Federation,  they  shall  become  Associate  Members  of  the  Federation  with no voting rights. In a region where no Regional Federation is constituted nor  applied for membership no later than eight years from the date of this change (8  October  2003),  then  all  individual member  Jamaats  in  that  region  shall  become  Associate  Members  with  no  voting  rights  (“Continuing  Members”).  Other  than  the current individual member Jamaats no such individual Jamaat, Community or  Organisation  be  eligible  to  apply  for membership  of  the  Federation.   Continuing  Members  within  a  Geographical  Region  will  be  treated  as  if  they  were  a  single  member  of  the  federation  and  the  allocation  of  delegates  and  Executive Council  seats will be as per clause 10.1. The apportioning of the Executive Council seats  will be allocated by the Executive Council within the Geographic Region.

3.2 Application

3.2.1 All  applications  for membership  of  the  Federation  shall  be  directed  to  the  Secretary General and  shall be considered by the Executive Council and if found  fit  by  the  Executive  Council  at  that  meeting  the  Secretary  General  shall  seek  the votes of all  the members of  the Executive Council by way of a postal ballot.  The  Executive  Council  may  in  its  absolute  discretion  accept  or  refuse  any  such  application without giving any reason therefore.

3.2.2  No  application  for  membership  will  be  considered  unless  the  aims  and  objects  of  the  applicant  are  consistent  with  the  aims  and  objectives  of  the  Federation.

3.2.3 Upon  admittance  by  the  Executive  Council,  the  applicant  shall  become  a  member of the Federation.

3.3 Contravention of the Constitution 3.3.1  

If  at  any  time  it  shall  come  to  the  knowledge  or  information  of  the  Secretary  General  that  any  member  has  contravened  any  provision  of  the  Constitution  or  rules  made  there  under  or  any  directive  or  decision  of  the  Conference  or  the  Executive  Council  he  shall  immediately  make  necessary  investigation  and  if  he  is  satisfied  that  there  exists  sufficient  evidence  of  such  contravention he shall report it to the Executive Council and give notice thereof to  the member concerned.

3.3.2  Not  less  than  14  days  after  notification  of  the  charges  to  the  Executive  Council  and  to  the  member  concerned  as  stated  in  3.3.1  above  the  Secretary  General  shall  convene  a  special  meeting  of  the  Executive  Council  to  consider  the  charges  and  give  due  notice  of  such  meeting  to  the  member  concerned  and  inform  such  member  of  its  right  to  attend  such  meeting  of  the  Executive  Council  and  answer  the  allegations  in  support  of  his  defence  or  make  written  representations in this behalf or both.

3.3.3 The Executive Council shall be convened on the date fixed by the Secretary  General  and  shall  hear  the  charges  as  specified  by  the  Secretary  General  and  make its determination thereon. The quorum for such a meeting of the Executive  Council  shall  not  be  less  than  75  per  centum  of  the  members  of  the  Executive  Council  and  its  decision  shall  require  the  support  of  two  thirds  of  the members  present at the meeting. The Secretary General shall not be entitled to partake in  the deliberations of the Executive Council or in its decision on such charges.

3.3.4 At the conclusion of its determination the Executive Council may reject the  charges or  reprimand or  suspend  the member  for  such period of  time as it may  consider  appropriate  and  in  the  event  of  such member  committing  a  second  or  subsequent  contravention  the  Executive  Council  may  subject  to  the  compliance  of  the  procedure  hereinbefore  referred  to,  in  respect  of  such  subsequent  contravention exclude it from membership of the Federation.

3.3.5  If  aggrieved  by  the  decision  of  the  Executive  Council  the  member  may  within  60  days  of  being  notified  of  the  decision  of  the  Executive  Council  appeal  to  the  Conference  against  the  decision  but  such  appeal  shall  be  heard  and  determined by the Conference at its next sitting to be held in the normal course  of events. The decision of the Conference shall be final and binding.

4. Objects The objects of the Federation shall be:

4.1 to promote the Shia Ithna-Asheri faith throughout the world;

4.2 to relieve poverty amongst the members of the Community; and 4.3 to educate members of the Community. 

5.Powers of the Federation In furtherance of the above objects but not further or otherwise the Federation  shall have the following powers (which shall be exercised by a body having  exclusively charitable objects and only in so far as may be permitted by the Shia  Ithna-Asheri Sharia):-

5.1 to promote and organise religious and educational instruction;

5.2  to  establish  and  assist in  the  formation  of  religious  and  secular  educational  and welfare institutions and training schemes;

5.3 to co-ordinate and unify the religious customs, conventions and observances  of the Community;

5.4  to  settle  any  differences  or  disputes  amongst  its  members  and  in  the  Community;

5.5 to hold conferences, meetings, seminars and discussions;

5.6 to publish, produce and distribute and to assist in the publication, production  and  distribution  of  books,  literature,  films,  pamphlets,  posters,  periodicals  and  journals;

5.7  to  collaborate  and  co-operate  as  appropriate  with  other  religious  organisations throughout the world;

5.8  to purchase,  take on lease, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any  real or  personal property and any rights or privileges;

5.9 to amalgamate or affiliate with or to acquire or take over the undertaking of  any  charitable institution or body and all or any of  the assets  thereof which  the  Federation may lawfully acquire or take over;

5.10  to make  arrangements  for  carrying  on  the work  of  the  Federation  and  for  this purpose to engage and provide in whole or in part for the salaries and wages  of all officials and employees (not being officers of  the Federation) and all other  expenses incidental to the management of the property of the Federation or any  purpose connected with the Federation;

5.11  to  sell,  let,  mortgage,  dispose  of  or  turn  to  account  all  or  any  of  the  property or assets of the Federation (but only in accordance with the restrictions  imposed by the Charities Act 1993);

5.12  to  establish  and  support  or  aid  in  the  establishment  and  support  of  any  charitable  company,  association  or  institution  and  to  subscribe  or  guarantee  money  for  charitable  purposes  (but  only  in  accordance  with  the  restrictions  imposed by the Charities Act 1993);

5.13  to  employ  solicitors,  accountants,  bankers,  brokers  or  other  agents  to  transact any business (including the receipt and payment of money);

5.14  to deposit  any part  of  the property  of  the  Federation  or  the documents  of  title relating thereto at any bank for such period or periods as it may think fit (but  only in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Charities Act 1993);

5.15 to raise money without security or upon the security of the property of the  Federation or any part or parts thereof by way of mortgage, charge or otherwise  and  upon  such  terms  and  subject  to  such  conditions  as  shall  be  considered  expedient  (but  invest  only  after  obtaining  advice  from  financial  experts  and  having regard to the suitability of investments and the need for diversification);

5.16  to accept or  to disclaim donations, gifts, covenants, subscriptions, legacies  and  other  assistance  including  but  without  prejudice  to  the  generality  of  the  foregoing loans at interest or free of interest;

5.17  to  open  and  maintain  in  the  name  of  the  Federation  or  the  Trustees  a  banking account or banking accounts at any bank and at any time to pay or cause  to be paid any moneys forming part of the property of the Federation to the credit  of any such account or accounts or cause the same to be placed on deposit with  any bank and to borrow money on overdraft from any bank; (but invest only after  obtaining  advice  from  financial  experts  and  having  regard  to  the  suitability  of  investments and the need for diversification);

5.18 to  do  all  such  other  lawful  things  as  are  in  furtherance  of  the  objects  of  the  Federation  and  which  do  not  involve  the  application  of  the  property  of  the  Federation otherwise than for exclusively charitable purposes.

5.19  To  set  aside  funds  for  special  purposes  or  as  reserves  against  future  expenditure;

5.20 To delegate the management of investments to a financial expert, but only  on terms that:

5.20.1 the investment policy is recorded in writing by the Financial Expert for the  Office Bearers;

5.20.2 every transaction is reported promptly to the Office Bearers;

5.20.3 The performance of the investments is reviewed regularly with the Office  Bearers;

5.20.4  The  Office  Bearers  are  entitled  to  cancel  the  delegation  arrangement  at  any time;

5.20.5  The  investment  policy  and  the  delegation  arrangement  are  reviewed  at  least once a year by the Office Bearers;

5.20.6  All  payments  due  to  the  financial  experts  are  on  a  scale  or  at  a  level,  which  is  agreed  in  advance  and  are  reported  promptly  to  the  Office  Bearers  on  receipt;

5.20.7 The financial expert must not do anything outside the powers of the Office  Bearers;

5.21  to  insure  the  Federations’  property  against  any  foreseeable  risk  and  take  out other insurance policies to protect the Federation where required;

5.22  To  insure  members  of  the  Office  Bearers  against  the  cost  of  a  successful  defence  to  a  criminal  prosecution  brought  against  them  as  charity  trustees  or  against potential liability incurred in respect of any act or omission which is or is  alleged to be a breach of trust or breach of duty (unless the member concerned  knew  that,  or was  reckless whether,  the  act  or  omission was  breach  of  trust  or  breach of duty)

6. Powers of the Trustees

If  at  any  time  or  times  the  property  of  the  Federation  or  part  thereof  shall  comprise  land  or  any  interest  therein  the  Trustees  shall  have  the  following  powers  which,  subject  to  clause  7.1,  shall  be  exercised  when  so  determined  by  the  Conference  or,  between  Conferences  and  subject  to  any  directions  of  the  Conference, the Executive Council:-

6.1  power  to  keep  any  building  for  the  time  being  forming  part  of  the  property  of  the  Federation  insured  against  any  risks  with  Lloyds  Underwriters  or  some  Insurance  office  of  repute in  the  name  of  the  Federation  and  for  such  purposes  all  premiums  and  other moneys which may  be  required may  be  paid  out  of  the  assets of the Federation;

6.2 power to apply any money for the time being forming part of the property of  the Federation in improving any land which or the proceeds of sale of which may  for the time being belong to the Federation or in erecting, enlarging, improving or  rebuilding any buildings upon such land; 

6.3  power  in  addition  to  the  powers  of  management  conferred  by  law  upon  Trustees  holding  land  upon  trust  for  sale  to  sell,  exchange,  convey,  lease,  mortgage, charge, agree to let or otherwise conduct the management of any land  belonging to the Federation as if the Trustees were the beneficial owners of such  land absolutely entitled;

6.4  power  for  the  purpose  of  promoting  the  efficient  management  and  administration  of  the  Federation  to  accept,  purchase  or  take  on  lease  any  freehold  or  leasehold  premises  for  use  as  office  premises  for  the  management  and  administration  of  the  Federation  and  to  apply moneys  for  the  Federation in  the  purchase  or  hiring  of  equipment  for  use  in  connection  with  such  premises  provided  that  such  use  shall  be  necessary  to  the  promotion  of  the  charitable  purposes of the Federation;

6.5  power  to  permit  any  freehold  or  leasehold  premises  forming  part  of  the  property of the Federation to be occupied and used by any other charity or non- profit making institution upon  such  terms as  to  rent,  rates,  taxes and outgoings  and  as  to insurance,  repair  and  decoration  as  the  Executive Council  shall in  the  absolute discretion think fit.

7. Liabilities of the Trustees

7.1  The  Trustees  shall  concur  in  and  do  all  acts  necessary  to  enable  the  Conference  or  Executive  Council  to  exercise  their  powers  hereunder  unless  the  matter in which the Trustees are requested to concur involves or is in the opinion  of any of the Trustees likely to involve the Trustees in any liability unacceptable  to any of the Trustees.

7.2 The Trustees shall not in any way be liable for doing or refraining from doing  any act or thing at the direction of the Conference or Executive Council and shall  not  be  required  to  consider whether  there is  any  power  enabling  them  to  do  or  not to do any act or thing at the direction of the Conference or Executive Council  and  shall  be wholly  exonerated  from  responsibility  for  doing  any  act  or  thing  at  such direction as aforesaid. 

8. Subscription

8.1  Every  member  of  the  Federation  shall  pay  such  subscription  as  may  from  time to time be determined by the Executive Council;

8.2  The  said  subscription  shall  be  due  on  January  1  and  shall  be  paid  to  the  Honorary Treasurer not later than March 31 every year;

8.3  Members  who  fail  to  pay  their  subscriptions  by  the  due  date  shall  automatically  forfeit  all  their  voting  rights  as  members  of  the  Federation  until  the arrears are paid in full provided that where a member satisfies the Executive  Council  that  the  failure  to  pay  subscription  was  due  to  genuine  difficulties  or  other  just  cause  the  Executive  Council may  extend  the  period  within  which  the  outstanding  subscription  must  be  paid  and  such  member  shall  not  during  such  extended period forfeit its voting rights as a member of the Federation.

9. Conference

9.1 The Conference shall be convened by the Executive Council. The Conference  shall  be  either  an  Ordinary  Conference  or  an  Extraordinary  Conference.  The  Ordinary  Conference  shall  meet  at  least  once  every  three  years  and  the  Extraordinary  Conference  shall  meet  whenever  convened  by  the  Executive  Council  or  when  requisitioned  by  at  least  two  thirds  of  the  Members  of  The  World  Federation  where  such  requisition  shall  be  deemed  served  if  sent  to  the  Secretariat.

9.2 In the event of failure to call the Extraordinary Conference within 60 days  of the requisition, the requisitioning members may within 10 days of the sixtieth  day proceed to call an Extraordinary Conference by giving at least 30 days notice  to  ALL members  stating  the  date,  venue  and  agenda  of  such  Conference.  Such  notice shall be accompanied with a copy of their requisition

9.3 If quorum at such meeting is not achieved such motion will deem to have  been  defeated  and  no  other  meeting  shall  be  convened  for  the  matter/s  mentioned  in  the  requisition  for  a  period  of  six  months  from  the  date  of  such  meeting nor can another requisition on the same matter be submitted during that  time.

9.4 Should  the  requisition  be  for  a  vote  of  no  confidence  in  the  President  or  Secretary General, the President shall declare an interest and invite nominations  for  a Chairman  to Chair  such Conference.  If  consensus  cannot  be  reached  on  a  Chairman, an election may be held to elect a Chairman for the meeting.

9.5 The Office Bearers  and members  of  the  Executive Council  as  appropriate  shall  be  granted  reasonable  opportunity  to  defend  themselves  against  any  deemed  impropriety  of  action  if  such  is  contained  in  the  requisition  or  tabled  before the Conference.

9.6  The  Extraordinary  Conference  shall  deliberate  only  upon  such  agenda  for  which purpose the said Extraordinary Conference has been convened.

10. Representation at Conference

10.1 Each member  regardless of  the number of individuals within itself  shall be  entitled  to  send one  representative as delegate  to  the Conference provided  that  where the number of individuals within a member exceeds one thousand (1000)  then such member shall be entitled to send one additional delegate for every one  thousand (1000) individuals in excess of the one thousand within such member,  provided that the total number of delegates shall not exceed 20. However, where  the member is  a Regional Organization,  the  total  number  of  delegates  shall  not  exceed 20;

10.2  Unless  otherwise  specified  in  the  Constitution  each  member  of  the  Federation shall have one vote per delegate present and voting at the Conference  as its representative and all questions at any Conference shall be determined by  a simple majority of the votes of those persons entitled to be present and to vote  and who vote on the question;

10.3  Each member  of  the  Executive  Council  shall  have  the  right  to  attend  and  vote at the Conference.

11. Venue of Conference The Conference shall meet at such place and on such date as determined by the  Executive Council from time to time.

12. Notice of Conference

12.1  At  least  90  days  prior  to  the  convening  of  the  Ordinary  Conference  and  at  least  30  days  prior  to  the  convening  of  the  Extraordinary  Conference  the  Secretary General shall when so directed by the Executive Council send a written  notice  to  each  member  of  the  Federation.  Such  notice  shall  specify  the  date  and  place  of  the  Conference  and  the  agenda  of  the  business  set  down  by  the  Executive Council for the Conference;

12.2 Such notice  shall be deemed  to have been properly given hereunder upon  posting  of  the  notice  by  airmail  to  each  member  at  its  last  known  address  as  notified to the Secretariat by such member. It shall be the duty of each member  to  notify  the  Secretariat  of  any  changes  in  its  address  and  to  ensure  that  the  Secretariat has at all times the correct address of such member;

12.3 No meeting of the Conference shall be rendered irregular by reason only of  the non-receipt of such notice by any member where such notice has been duly  given in accordance with the provision of sub-clause 12.2 of this clause. 

13. Additions to the Conference Agenda Each member  shall  be  entitled  to  have  items  added  to  the  agenda  if  submitted  to  the  Secretary  General  at  least  45  days  before  the  date  of  the  Ordinary  Conference  or  15  days  before  the  date  of  the  Extraordinary  Conference.  The  Secretary General shall circulate additions to the agenda to all members prior to  the meetings of the Conference.

14. Chairman of Conference

14.1 The President of  the Federation or in his absence  the Vice President of  the  Federation  shall  be  the  Chairman  of  the  Conference.  In  the  absence  of  both  at  any  meeting  of  the  Conference,  the  Conference  shall  elect  ad  hoc  a  person  amongst  the  delegates  at  the  Conference  to  preside  over  the  meeting  of  the  Conference as the Chairman.  In the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition  to a deliberative vote.  Any person  chairing  the meeting, and determined  to have any interest direct or  indirect,  financial  or  otherwise,  shall immediately  declare  so in  the meeting  and  vacate  the  chair,  till  such item of agenda is  completed and  closed. Such  conflict  will be determined by a simple majority of the delegates present and a temporary  chairman shall be elected by the delegates present.

15. Change of Executive Council Where at any meeting of the Conference the Executive Council has been elected  for the next term of office, the outgoing members of the Executive Council shall  have  the  right  to  continue  to  attend  and  participate  at  such  meeting  of  the  Conference until  the  conclusion of  the Conference. The newly elected  councillors  shall take office AFTER conclusion of the Conference.

16. Invited guests The President of the Federation may invite members of the Community as invited  guests  at  the  Conference.  They  shall  not  however,  in  the  capacity  of  invited  guests,  be  entitled  to  vote  on  any  matter  at  the  meetings,  although  they  may  participate in the deliberations.

17. Powers of Conference

17.1  The  Conference  shall  have  the  power  by  a  resolution  passed  by  a  simple  majority of delegates present and voting at the Conference to:

17.1.1 exercise or direct the Trustees or the Executive Council to exercise all or  any of the powers of the Federation;

17.1.2  confirm,  reverse,  alter  or defer its  own decisions  or  the decisions  of  the  Executive  Council,  the  Secretariat  or  other  committees  or  sub-committees  set  up  by  the  Federation  (which  Secretariat,  committees  and  sub-committees  shall  report their decisions to the Executive Council as soon as possible after they have  been made);

17.1.3  confirm  or  question  any  rules,  decisions  or  laws  of  any  of  its  members  and to require any such member to rectify the matter by appropriate measures.

17.2  The  Conference  shall  have  the  power  by  a  resolution  to  amend,  alter  or  replace any provisions of the Constitution PROVIDED THAT:

17.2.1 Nothing herein contained shall authorise any amendment which shall have  the effect of the Federation ceasing to be a charity at law;

17.2.2  No  amendment,  alteration  or  replacement may  be made  to  this  Clause,  Clause 4 or Clause 27.

17.2.3  No  amendment,  alteration  or  replacement  of  the  provisions  of  the  Constitution shall be made if it is repugnant to or in violation of the principles and  tenets of the Shia Ithna-Asheri Sharia.

17.2.4 a)  for  the  purpose  of  this  sub-clause  every  member  of  the  Federation  shall  have  one  vote  per  delegate  present  and  voting  at  the  Conference  as  its  representative. The voting shall be by show of hands except when requested by  even one delegate for ballot;

17.2.4 b)  such  resolution  shall  not  be  passed  unless  all  members  have  been  notified  of  the  proposed  resolution  sixty  (60)  days  before  the  convening  of  the  Conference and the resolution be supported at the Conference by a seventy-five  per cent majority of the votes of those persons entitled to be present and to vote  and who vote on the resolutions.

17.3  Where  the  Executive  Council  consider  that  for  any  good  cause  a  meeting  of  the  Conference  cannot  be  convened  in  due  time  and  that  a  resolution  needs  to  be  considered  urgently  then  such  resolution may  with  the  concurrence  of  all  members  of  the  Federation  be  passed,  without  convening  the  meeting  of  the  Conference, by postal vote PROVIDED THAT:

17.3.1  such  resolution  does  not  relate  either  to  amendment,  alteration  or  replacement  of  any  provision  of  the  Constitution  or  the  dissolution  of  the  Federation;

17.3.2 such resolution is submitted in writing  to all members and submission is  duly  acknowledged  by  each member  and  the  postal  vote  is  required  not  earlier  that six (6) weeks from the date of such submission; and

17.3.3 such resolution is supported by a simple majority. For the purpose of this  sub-clause each member shall have  the same number of votes as it would have  under  Clause  10  as  in  the  case  of  duly  convened  Conference.  Such  resolution  shall  be  as  valid  and  effectual  as  a  resolution  duly  passed  at  a  meeting  of  the  Conference.

17.4 The  full  text of any  resolution passed under  sub-clause

17.3 of  this  clause  shall be  set  out in  the notice given pursuant  to  clause 12  of  the Constitution  of  the next Conference.

18. Quorum for Conference The quorum  for any meeting of  the Conference  shall be  formed if  the delegates  present  at  the  meeting  represent  thirty-five  per  centum  of  the  total  number  of  members  of  the  Federation  and  a  majority  of  members  from  at  least  two  continents.

19. Executive Council

19.1 Composition

19.1.1 The Executive Council shall be composed of the following: 1. President of the Federation 2. Vice President 3. Secretary General 4. Honorary Treasurer 5. Assistant Secretary General 6. Assistant Honorary Treasurer 7. Five Ordinary Councillors 8. Five Appointed Councillors 9. Nominated Councillors    

  19.1.2 Terms of Office a) The President, Elected  through  the  process  set  out  in  Clause  20,  Vice  President,  Honorary  Treasurer  and  Five  Ordinary  Councillors  and  members  of  the  Electoral  Commission  who  shall  be  elected  by  the  Conference  will  hold  office  for  a  term  not  to  exceed  three  (3)  years;  unless  directed  by  a  special  resolution  of  an  Extraordinary Conference pursuant to clause 9.

b) Secretary General The  Secretary  General  shall  be  appointed  by  the  President  and  shall  hold  the  office  at  the  President’s  pleasure  provided  that  his  term  of  office  shall,  subject  to  any  re-appointment  come  to  an  end  at  the  end  of  the  term  of  office  of  the  President.

c) An Assistant Secretary General   An  Assistant  Secretary  General  may  be  appointed  to  assist  the  Secretary  General.    The  appointment  being made  by  the  President  from  time  to  time  and  shall hold office at the President’s pleasure provided that his term of office shall,  subject to any re-appointment come to end at the end of the term of the office of  the President.   The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Secretary General  shall  be  limited  to  those  that  are  assigned  and/or  delegated  by  the  Secretary  General.

d) Assistant Honorary Treasurer An Assistant Honorary Treasurer shall be elected by the Conference to assist the  Honorary  Treasurer.    The  duties  and  responsibilities  of  the  assistant  Honorary  Treasurer  shall  be  limited  to  those  that  are  assigned  and/or  delegated  by  the  Honorary Treasurer.

e) Appointed Councillors The President of the Federation shall have the right to appoint the five Appointed  Councillors of  the Executive Council  from  the members  representing any part of  the world. The Appointed Councillors shall hold office at the President’s pleasure.

f) Nominated Councillors Each  member  of  the  Federation  shall  nominate  ONE  Nominated  Councillor,  not  necessarily from it’s own managing or executive body to hold office at its pleasure  PROVIDED THAT:-where  the member is a Regional Federation,  the said member  shall be entitled to nominate five Councillors. Each Nominated Councillor shall hold office for the duration of the term served by  the Office Bearers of the Federation.

19.1.3 Vacancy on the Executive Council Subject to other provisions covered herein the Executive Council of the Federation  shall  have  the  sole  right  to  fill  any  vacancy  occurring  on  the  Executive  Council  as  a  result  of  resignations,  incapacity,  death  or  otherwise,  by  appointing  such  member as it deems fit.

19.1.4 Quorum The quorum for meetings of the Executive Council shall be thirty-five per centum  of  the  Executive  Council  provided  that  at  least  two  Geographical  Regions  are  present and at least one of those present shall be either the President or the Vice  President or the Honorary Treasurer or the Secretary General.

19.1.5 Forfeiture of Seat on the Executive Council A  member  of  the  Executive  Council  shall  forthwith  and  with  immediate  effect  forfeit his office in the following circumstances:

a) if he ceases to be a Shia Ithna-Asheri;

b) if he resigns from the Executive Council;

c) if, in the case of any member of the Executive Council subject to appointment  by the President, such member is removed by the President at his pleasure;

d)  if  he  is  convicted  of  an  offence  involving  moral  turpitude  and  the  Executive  Council resolve that he be expelled;

e) if he is certified or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind or insane;

f) if he is adjudged a bankrupt.

19.1.6. Notice of Meeting At least 60 days prior  to  the  convening  of  the meeting  of  the Executive Council  and at least 7 [seven] days prior  to  the convening of  the Extraordinary meeting  of  Executive  Council  the  Secretary  General  shall  send  a  written  notice  to  each  member of the Executive Council. Such notice shall specify the date and place of  the meeting and the agenda of the business set down for the meeting.

19.2 Powers and functions

19.2.1  The  Executive  Council  shall  implement  decisions  of  the  Conference  and  shall subject to any direction, decision or rules made by the Conference manage  the Federation and may exercise the powers of the Federation between meetings  of the Conference.

19.2.2  The  Executive  Council  shall  discuss,  formulate  and  recommend  to  the  Conference for approval policies and actions which in its view would facilitate the  attainment of aims and objects of the Federation.

19.2.3 Subject to any decision of the Conference the Executive Council shall have  the power to make such rules or regulations (which are not inconsistent with any  decision  or  rules  or  regulations made  by  the  Conference)  as may  be  necessary  for  the  furtherance  of  the  aims  and  objects  of  the  Federation  and  such  rules  or  regulations  shall  be  valid  and  binding  on  all members  until  they  are  revoked  or  amended by a resolution passed by the Conference or the Executive Council.

19.2.4 The Executive Council shall have the power to establish such committees  and to assign them such duties as may be necessary and with the approval of the  Conference to delegate to them such powers as may be deemed necessary.

19.2.5 Agencies of the Secretariat The Executive Council shall with the consent of member resident in that area  have the power to establish such regional or sub-regional branches or agencies of  the Secretariat in any part of the world as it may deem fit.

19.2.6 The voting shall be by show of hands except when requested by even one  delegate for ballot.

19.2.7  Any  person  chairing  the  meeting  and  having  any  interest  direct  or  indirect,  shall  immediately  declare  so  in  the  meeting  and  vacate  the  chair,  till  such item is  fully discussed and  the item of agenda is  completed and  closed.   A  temporary chairman shall be elected by those present in the meeting.

20. The President

20.1 Election of President The  President  of  the  Federation  shall  be  elected  for  a  term  not  exceeding  three  (3) years by  the eligible voters of  the Constituent members of  the Federation in  accordance with the following provisions: 

20.1.1  At  least  one  hundred  [100]  days  before  the  end  of  the  term  of  office  of  the  President,  the  Electoral  Commission  shall  issue  a  notice  to  all  members  inviting written nominations within thirty (30) days of such notice for a candidate  for the office of the next term not exceeding three (3) years.

20.1.2 Such nominations shall be accompanied by a written communication from  the person nominated signifying his consent to such nomination.

20.2 Notice of Nominations The  Electoral  Commission  shall  within  a  period  of  seven  (7)  days  after  the  closing  date  for  the  submission  of  the  nominations,  send  to  members  all  such  nominations  received  by  him  in  response  to  the  notice  and  ask  all  members  to  vote  on  nominations.  Each  member  shall  submit  its  votes  to  the  Electoral  Commission by post at least 30 days before  the end of  the  term of office of  the  President.

20.3 Counting of Votes The  Executive  Council  of  the  Federation  shall  appoint  two  Executive  Councillors  to  witness  the  counting  of  the  votes  at  The  World  Federation.  The  Electoral  Commission  will  then  calculate  the  proportion  of  the  votes  received  by  each  candidate  within  each  Member  and  apportion  the  Electoral  College  points  based  on  the  number  of  delegates  that  Member  is  entitled  to  in  proportion  to  the  number of delegates that the Member gains at The World Federation Conference  as  per  Clause  10.1  of  The  Constitution.    The  candidate  receiving  the  highest  number of aggregate Electoral College points shall be declared President-Elect. The  formula  shall  be:  Number  of  Electoral  College  Points  received  by  candidate  per  Member  equals  [Total  Votes  Received  by  the  candidate  in  that  Member  divided  by  total  Votes  Cast  within  that  Member]  times  Number  of  Delegates  allocated  to  that  Member.    The  Member  shall  not  round  up  or  otherwise  of  the  result of this formula. 20.4 In the case of 20.4.1 the duly elected President dying before the Conference;                                          

or 20.4.2  two  or  more  candidates  receiving  equal  number  of  Electoral  College  Points;                                          

or 20.4.3  no  eligible  nominations  having  been  received  for  the  office  of  the  President  by  the  due  date;  the  Conference  shall  first  convert  into  Extraordinary  Conference  for  the  purpose  of  electing  the  President  from  among  the  delegates  present, or from the names of candidates with equal number of votes, whichever  the  case  may  be.  The  Extraordinary  Conference  will  then  revert  to  Ordinary  Conference for transacting its business on the Agenda.

20.5 Voting Rights

20.5.1 For the purpose of Election of the President by postal votes, each Member  of the Federation shall be entitled to one vote for every individual head eligible to  vote within its Constituent Members.  The  percentage  votes  received  by  each  Candidate  in  each  Member  will  be  multiplied  by  the  number  of  delegates  that  the  Member  is  entitled  to  be  represented  by  at  the  Conference  to  determine  the  Electoral  College  Points  acquired by each of the candidates from that Member

20.5.2 Submission of Votes When there is more than one candidate for election of the office of the President  the Members shall submit to the Electoral Commission the exact number of votes  cast  within  each  of  their  Constituent  Members  in  respect  of  each  candidate.  A  candidate receiving the largest aggregate number of Electoral College Points shall  be declared the President-Elect, in accordance with clause20.3.

20.6 Representatives of the Federation The President of the Federation shall have the right to appoint any Office Bearer  to represent the Federation at any occasion, meeting or celebration as he deems  fit, provided  that if  an Office Bearer is unable  to  represent  the  Federation,  then  the  President  shall  appoint  the  Executive  Councillor  residing  in  the  proximity  of  the area to represent the Federation.

20.7 Religious Obligations In  responsibilities  delegated  by  a  Marja’,  the  President  in  conjunction  with  the  Executive  Council  shall  have  the  power  to  act  on  behalf  of  the  Federation  to  fulfil  the  religious  obligation.  However,  in  financial  matters  such  as  receipt  and  disbursements of Khums and other religious dues the normal financial rules of the  Federation shall apply.

20.8 Vacancy of President If  the  Office  of  the  President  becomes  vacant  as  a  result  of  resignation,  incapacity,  death  or  otherwise  the  Vice  President  shall  assume  the  office  of  the  President for the remaining period of his term of office.

20.9 President's Terms of Office No one person will hold the office of the President for more than two (2)  consecutive terms not exceeding three (3) years each. In the event clause 20.8  becomes operative, the term served by the Vice President will not be considered  as falling under clause 20.9.

21. Secretariat The Secretariat of the Federation shall be based in the UK. The Secretariat shall  be  managed  by  the  Secretary  General  assisted  by  the  Honorary  Treasurer  and  such  other  staff  as  the  Secretary  General  may,  subject  to  the  approval  of  the  President, deem fit.

22. Duties of Secretary General The Secretary General shall:

22.1 be in charge of the Secretariat and the Federation’s staff;

22.2  be  responsible  for  giving  notices  of  all  meetings  of  the  Conference,  the  Executive Council and the Trustees;

22.3 prepare  the agenda of all such meetings in consultation with  the President  and circulate the same;

22.4 record and maintain full and proper minutes of all such meetings;

22.5 in consultation with the President deal with all matters that come before the  Secretariat;

22.6 execute the decisions and directions of the Executive Council and subject to  prior  approval  of  the Executive Council  the  recommendations  of  the  committees  set up by the Executive Council. 

23. Trustees

23.1 Subject to Sub-Clause 24.1 all properties and funds of the Federation shall  be vested in the President, the Vice President and the Honorary Treasurer as the  Trustees provided that if any of the said persons is for the time being not resident  in  the  United  Kingdom  the  Executive  Council  shall  appoint  another  member  of  the  Executive  Council  who  is  resident  in  the  United  Kingdom  to  act  as  one  of  the Trustees in his place for so long as such person is not resident in the United  Kingdom.

23.2 Subject  to Clause  7  the  Trustees  shall  not  deal with  any  of  the  properties  or  funds  of  the  Federation  except  in  accordance  with  the  instructions  of  the  Conference or the Executive Council.

24. Accounts

24.1 Payments The  Honorary  Treasurer  may  keep  with  him  such  amounts  of  cash  as  may  be  approved  by  the  Executive  Council  from  time  to  time  and  shall  not  make  payments  of  any  accounts, bills  or  vouchers,  etc. without  first getting  the  same  certified  and  passed  by  the  Secretary  General  and/or  the  President  or  the  Vice  President.

24.2 Expenditure by the President In case of urgency the President shall have the power to expend or donate a sum  not  exceeding  five  thousand  pounds  (£5,000) in  any  one  year without  the  prior  sanction of the Executive Council. He shall in the meeting immediately following,  notify the Executive Council of such expenditure or donation and have it recorded  in  the minutes  of  its meeting.  The  amount  authorised  under  this  provision may  be  varied  from  time  to  time  by  the  Conference  who  may  attach  such  general  conditions for disbursement of such expenditure or donation as it may deem fit.

24.3 Books of Account The  Honorary  Treasurer  shall  keep  usual  and  proper  books  of  account  and  faithfully record therein the receipts of income and expenditure of the Federation  and  shall  submit  the  same  for  inspection  of  the  Conference  and  the  Executive  Council as and when required.

24.4 Financial Statement

24.4.1 By March 31 every year the Honorary Treasurer shall draw up a balance  sheet and revenue account in respect of the year ending December 31, and shall  get the same audited by Auditors of the Federation. PROVIDED  THAT  at  the  time  of  expiry  of  his  term  the  Honorary  Treasurer  shall  prepare such accounts up to and including the last day of the month previous to  the date of his retirement.

24.4.2  Such  balance  sheet  and  revenue  accounts  shall  be  submitted  to  the  Conference  and  the  Executive Council.  The  Honorary  Treasurer  shall  attend  and  give such explanations as the members of the Federation or the delegates at the  Conference and the Executive Council may require.

24.5  The  Conference  and  the  Executive  Council  and  any  member  of  the  Federation  shall  be  entitled  to  ask  the  Honorary  Treasurer  for  any  detail  of  the  accounts of the Federation at any time it may require.

25. Auditor The  Auditor  or  Auditors  shall  be  elected  at  every  Conference  of  the  Federation  and  he  or  they  shall  have  power  to  inspect  the  accounts  of  the  Federation  as  and  when  he  or  they  may  deem  necessary.  He  or  they  shall  audit  all  accounts  and  report  thereon. The Auditor(s)  shall not be delegates of  the Conference. No  person shall be appointed as the Auditor of the Federation unless he is a member  of a recognised supervisory body and is eligible  for appointment under the rules  of  the  body  as  provided  for  under  the  Company’s  Act  (UK)  1989  Section  25  or  any amendment or substitution thereof. 

26. Electoral Commission The  Electoral  Commission  shall  be  made  up  of  three  individuals  elected  at  every  Ordinary  Conference  where  they  are  present  although  not  necessarily  as  delegates;  for  the  sole  purpose  of  calling,  supervising  and  monitoring  all  voting  and  elections  of  any  posts  of  the  Federation.  Any  person  elected  to  the  Commission  will  forfeit  his  position  as  delegate  if  he  was  a  delegate  prior  to  being  elected  on  the  Electoral  Commission.  One  of  them  shall  be  elected  by  the  Conference  as  the  Chairman  who  shall  act  as  the  Returning  Officer  for  all  voting and elections of  the  Federation including any held at  the Conference.    In  the  event  of  a  vacancy  of  or  resignation  by  any  of  the  three  individuals  in  the  Electoral  Commission,  or  if  found  by  the  Executive  Council  to  be  in  violation  of  the  SOP  process,  the  Executive  Council  shall  have  the  power  to  appoint  a  Commissioner[s] by a simple majority of the Executive Council.

27. Dissolution The Federation shall only be dissolved at the Extraordinary Conference called for  such purposes. The dissolution shall only be valid if:

27.1  a  resolution  is  passed  by  such  Conference  supported  by  at  least  90  per  centum of the total members of the Federation; and

27.2  the  representatives  of  the  members  of  the  Federation  present  at  such  Conference  attach  their  signatures  to  an  Instrument  of  Dissolution  under  the  authority  of  a  written  mandate  from  their  respective  Jamaats.  In  the  event  of  such  dissolution  the  assets  of  the  Federation  shall  be  transferred  to  such  charity with objects similar to those of the Federation as may be specified in the  dissolution resolution.

28. Indemnity Every  Member  Regional  Federation,  Associate  Member  and  Constituent  Member  by  accepting  membership  (affiliation)  in  and  to  the  Federation  agree  to  uphold  and  be  bound  by  the  provisions  of  this  Constitution  and  any  rules,  regulations  of  the  Federation  and  agree  to  pursue  the  objectives  of  the  Federation  as  set  forth  in  Section  4  hereof.    By  accepting  membership  in  the  Federation,  each  Regional  Federation,  Associate  Member  and  Constituent  Member  Jamaats  agree  to  indemnify,  defend  and  hold  harmless  the  Federation,  their  other  Members,  Officers,  Directors,  Trustees,  Councillors  and  Employees  from  and  against  any  and  all  claims,  causes,  causes  of  action,  damages,  suits,  legal  proceedings  or  controversies  of  any  nature  arising  out  of  or  relating  to  said members  violation  of  this  Constitutions,  the  rules,  regulations  and  resolutions  of  the  Federation  and  any  law  or  regulation  of  any  governing  authority  out  of  or  relating  to  any  bodily injury or property damages which results from actions or inactions of said  member.