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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

India Youth Camps 2018

Deadline extetended to Friday April 27th 2018: Apply Now!

India Youth Camps - May 2018


The World Federation in partnership with India Federation is pleased to announce the following youth camps which are due to take place in May 2018:

These exciting youth camps will concentrate on Islamic teachings in our everyday life and we will look into our social awareness responsibilities in a ‘play and learn’ environment. 

The camp is divided into lectures, assignments and personal development and covers a wide range of topics, from Taqleed and the importance of Namaaz to time management and public speaking. 

We take your feedback seriously and use it to help improve our Youth Camps each year. So far the feedbacks we receive are phenomenal. Parents have at times seen a drastic change in their children from the day they are back home from the camp by giving more respect to parents, reciting salaat properly, being more responsible, reciting namaz-e-shab, etc. So it’s not just the campers but even parents who look forward to the camps. The India Youth camp is so famous that we have had campers coming from overseas from UAE and Oman. Apply below. Deadline for application is 27th of April 2018.

Girls Camp (age 9-14): 5 May – 8 May – Limited spaces available -


Boys Camp (age 12-16): 10 May – 13 May - Limited spaces available -


Summary: The course is aimed to cover a range of interesting topics including interactive sessions on Islamic guidance, wudhu & namaaz assessment, sports activities and personal development training. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop Islamically, spiritually and socially, with other like-minded children of our community.

Topics we will aim to cover during the camp:

1. Wudhu, Adhaan, Iqamah and Salaat assessment (via a handbook)

2. Buloogh Masaael (by camp Aalim / Aalima)

3. Quran / Dua recitation and correction assistance (by mentors/speakers)

4. Taqleed (by camp Aalim / Aalima)

5. Namaz and Namaz e Shab (by Jamaat)

6. Spiritual and physical benefits of fasting (by mentors/speakers)

6. Socio-Islamic topics: Music and its effects, Friendship, Time management, public speaking, career guidance, etc (by  mentors/speakers)

7. Sports activities

8. Personal development activities

Parent's Feedback:

Aman Mookhi: My take away from the camp was that it made sure that the girls were regularly engaged in programs thereby making sure that they remained interested. The best part was that religious activities were also structured in a manner that made the girls motivated to perform. I am sure this experience will matter a lot in their religious, as well as personal lives, in the years to come.


Mrs Khoja: JazakAllah khair! Wonderful efforts by The World Federation. Thanks a lot for helping our children towards spiritual development with such innovative lessons. My son is back spiritually stirred...


Mrs Lakhani: Mashallah, These girls are having a beautiful journey as if in the ocean of knowledge. Amazing! no words for those who organised this event. These girls are truly lucky mashallah.


Vazir Ali: Asak, I am very grateful to all of you for organizing such an educational religious camp. Thank you so much and may god bless u all.



Download the poster here and share with your friends and family. To read about last year’s camp, please click here. If you would like to apply for this camp, please apply click on Girls and for Boys.

The deadline for applications for both of these camps is the 27th of April 2018. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity for youth self-development!

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