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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

Become Husayni


‘We will never forget Husayn’  

We chant, we cry, we call.  

Till our last breath, never will the banner fall!  

We are Husayni and we stand tall.  

Preparing  for Al-Mahdi, Husayn  is for all!  


The months of ‘Aza are upon us and the Husayni hearts are beating for their master. Breaming with love and loyalty, offering their allegiance with Labayk Ya Husayn! But let us take a pause and reflect on  the message of Imam  Al- Husayn (as).   


He declares  as he prepares to leave from Madina h , “ Wa innama kharajtu li talabi-l islahi fi ummaati jaddi ” (Indeed, I am leaving Madinah to reform the ummah of my grandfather). There can be no better guidance for us all than our responsibility to answer the call of ‘ hal minnasireen yansuroona ’  (who is there who  would help us), which Imam Husay n made on the day of Ashura.  


Reform in Islam has been regarded as a social responsibility, which includes all affairs. In other words, reform in Islam is an effort to remove deficiencies, weaknesses, and corruption from within individuals and hence from society.   


The companions of Imam  Al- Husayn  (as)  were normal human beings. Some were recent converts to Islam; others lived in families with dual loyalties; and yet others were just border-line Muslims, however, at the end of the day, they all had tough decisions to make during a critical juncture in their life.  We too face decisions that will determine our ultimate choice to ‘Become Husayni’. Watch the videos below on our YouTube Playlist or any social media channels - links below. 


To help us with our efforts to ‘Become Husayni’, we have prepared 9 short videos that highlight lessons that can be extracted from the events of Karbala. Starting from Friday 21st August until eve of Ashura. Let us try to implement these and impose on ourselves before others. Let us reform ourselves before it’s too late  and inshaAllah with  sincere intentions it is never too late to ‘Become Husayni’ .  







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