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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

Islamic Jurisprudences Classes Organized at Jameat uz Zahra (sa) in Qum

Updated 4 December 2013

Islamic Jurisprudence Classes were organized in Qum at Jameat uz Zahra in the current academic year of 2013-14. Sis Batool Arastu, author of the book Women’s issue made simple, taught the course in 3 sessions. A number of sisters participated in these classes and benefitted from them.

Sis Laila Habib, Nairobi Jamat, commented: “The Ahkam classes held by Khanum Batool Arastu proved beneficial to all the attendees due to its practicality in our lives and her unique way of teaching and interaction was a bonus point”

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