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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

Madinah & Bab 2019 Application

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Step One: Decide which camp to attend:



Step Two: Read the Terms and Conditions.


Step Three: Apply using our online application form.

Note all COEJ Participants must apply here.


Payment Details:

Deposits must be paid to your respective Regional Federation - the deposit will be refunded for those are unsuccessful. Amounts below:

- CoEJ 300 GBP -  Note all COEJ Participants must apply here.

- AFED 300 USD




Additional info:

Your application will not be considered unless we have the following:

  • A scanned copy in  JPEG of your passport photo page - your passport must be valid until at least February 2020.
  • A copy of a passport sized photograph in JPEG, taken in the last 6 months. Please note - female applicants must be in full hijab.
  • Although both courses will run on the same dates, there may be slight variations for each region depending on regional flight itineraries. 

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