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23 February 2018 / 7. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439

Real Talk with The World Federation

Posted on Tue, 2018-02-06 13:42


Come along and ask your questions to The World Federation and Regional Leadership Teams about the things that matter most to you.

Hujjat Islamic Centre and Stanmore Jaffery's Literary present an evening of Real Talk with The World Federation, where you can put forward your burning questions to the Office Bearers and Regional Leaders from across the community.  

Date: Fri 23rd February

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Hujjat Stanmore, Wood Lane, Stanmore, London, HA7 4LQ

Have your questions ready
As part of the Second Executive Council (ExCo) meeting taking place this month, the Leadership teams are providing an opportunity to hear from you about the topics that are important to you and our community.

We’ll be taking questions from the audience throughout the evening, whether it is to discuss and debate, raise concerns, feedback on the impact of our work or highlight new matters concerning our community. These sessions provide you with the platform to stand up and be counted

The event will be split into two sessions, where you will get the chance to quiz the full leadership teams:

Panel one
The first session will be formed of Regional Leaders from across the community, including (from L-R) The World Federation President - Al-Haj Anwarali Dharamsi and Secretary General - Shan E Abbas Hassam, India Federation Hon. Secretary - Ali Akbar Shroff, Pakistan Federation President - Anver Rajpar and Hon. Secretary - Hassan Abdulhussein, NASIMCO Vice President - Arif Jacksi, COEJ President - Dr Akber Mohamedali, AFED Chair - Shabir Najafi and FAC President - Hussein Hussein.

Panel two
Panelists for the second session will include The World Federation Office Bearer's team, (from L-R) The World Federation President - Al-Haj Anwarali Dharamsi, Vice President - Shabbar Dhalla, Secretary General - Shan E Abbas Hassam, Assistant Secretary General - Mahmood Dhala, Treasurer - Mohamedkazim Bhaloo and Assistant Treasurer - Muntazir Bhimji.

Food and Registration
Food with refreshments will be provided at 7pm, so it's important that you register your details if you plan to attend. 


The ExCo provides an opportunity to network with other people and leaders from our community, so simply come along with your questions and be part of engaging discussions that will help shape the benevolent work that we do.

We look forward to seeing you then.


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