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04 August 2020 / 14. Zil-Hajj 1441

Support the Najaf to Karbala Walk this Arba’een and help raise funds for Northeast Kenya – Live Telethon Appeal on Ahlulbayt TV on Sunday 15th December 2013

This year several individuals, couples and families will be embarking on the spiritual journey of walking from Najaf to Karbala to commemorate Arba’een.  These people from different parts of the world will unite to complete an 80km walk through war-torn Iraq from the holy city of Najaf to the land of Karbala. They shall walk for three days during the daytime with the scorching desert sun bearing down upon them and they will rest in the evenings in makeshift tents, when the blistering cold takes over as temperatures rapidly plummet.

Many will also be taking this opportunity as a chance to assist the N2K team raise funds to fundraise for a Community Upliftment Project in Northeast Kenya.  This is a joint project between The World Federation and Africa Federation which aims to provide long-term, sustainable solutions to uplift communities and take them out of poverty.

The work in Northeast Kenya will include providing clean water and sanitation, investing in irrigation systems and farming techniques and giving basic educational necessities for children to learn.  Such projects will impact on the lives of thousands of individuals, not just in those communities identified, but also far beyond.

We need your support
This year, the team is aiming to raise £137,000 towards this project.  To achieve this goal, The World Federation, Africa Federation and the N2K team are asking for your support.  All funds raised will be used to improve the water supply, food production, health, education and socio-economic status of the poor and needy in the Garissa and Wajir Counties or Northeast Africa and full details of the project can be found here 

N2K Team telethon on Ahlulbayt TV
On Sunday 15 December, members of the N2K team will inshAllah host a live telethon appeal on Ahlulbayt TV to raise much needed funds for this project. 

Please join us on Ahlulbayt TV support this worthy cause:

In the UK on Sky Channel 842 from 4-6pm GMT
In North America on Galaxy 19 from 12-2 EST
In Tanzania on Channel 69 CTV DSM from 7-9pm EAT

You can also watch online

Donate today
Please donate today.  Donations can be made via The World Federation website or the team’s JustGiving page 

 For further information, please email [email protected]

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