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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

The World Federation’s latest book on Salah: a winner has been chosen!

In February 2013, Islamic Education department of The World Federation launched a competition asking for Madrasah students to suggest a name for its forthcoming book on Salah aimed at Madrasah students in their final classes. The competition was open to existing Madrasah students aged 17 and under.

Mashallah we received an overwhelming response with a total of 134 separate entries from across the world. The entries were of a very impressive level and we would like to congratulate community Madaris and students for being so creative, imaginative and impressive in their entries.

A panel judged the entries and chose the winning entry as follows:

Salah: My Daily Conversation with Allah
Winner: Sister Falaq Ayyub Khan, of Husayni Madrasah of Mombasa

Sister Falaq will be awarded with:

- Recognition in the book for coming up with the title
- £500 as a gift to Husayni Madrasah Mombasa for the purchase of new equipment to aid learning
- £500 as a gift to sister Falaq for the purchase of new equipment to aid her personal learning
- Perpetual thawaab of being part of an inspiring book that will help generations to come in their prayers

Shaykh Abbas Ismail, manager of the Islamic Education department, said: ‘It was inspiring to go through all of the entries. We were very impressed with the level of the entries we had received. I congratulate sister Falaq and her family, and also the Husayni Madrasah of Mombasa on this excellent achievement.’

For more information or for any further queries please email [email protected]

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