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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

The World Federation India Office conducts Ahkam-e Mayyit Workshop

The World Federation India Office in partnership with KSI Jamaat Mumbai conducted Workshops on Ahkam-e Mayyit on 9 February 2014 for gents and ladies. The Workshops were well attended by 45 participants. There were a few participants who were as young as 15 years of age.
The workshop aims were to give practical training to the participants on:
• How to handle a Dead Body with Respect
• How to conduct Ghusl, Hunut, Kafan
• How to conduct Namaz-e Mayyit, and Burial
• The rules concerning Post-Burial
The session for gents was conducted by Sayyid Ehsan Haider Jawadi who is the principal of Hawza Jamiat Fatima (sa) in Mira Road and the ladies session was conducted by Zakera Nahed Rezwan who is a teacher at Ladies Hawza at Najafi House in Mumbai.


All the participants gained practical experience of performing Ghusl, Hunut, Kafan and burial. The participants were able to clarify and dispel lots of myths and misconceptions.

A volunteer group has been formed wherein the students of the workshop have agreed to come forward to look after the death rituals of deceased community members.

A selection of feedback:
• Sabrina Vazirali: By the grace of Allah (swt), it was fruitful to attend. The arrangement was excellent. May Allah (swt) bless the people who organised thisworkshop. Most of all, it increased my knowledge.
• Ali Sharook: Masha’allah, very proud of The World Federation and insha’allah we should keep this programme on regular intervals.
• Irfan Karim: Excellent programme! Do more of this in different areas. Record and telecast it on TV and Youtube.
• Amirali Merchant: Jazak’allah I really appreciate you making people aware about such a wajib act. Many more programmes should be conducted of this type.
The next sessions are scheduled for 23 February.  To register, send your details to
[email protected]

For more information email [email protected]   

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Updated 10 July 2013

With the increasing habit of reading books online and via e-readers, The World Federation has converted many of its titles into e-books.

Currently, the following titles are available as e-books, and the list is steadily increasing:
1.      Karbala: The Complete Picture, by Dr Mahmood Datoo
2.      Mukhtar, by Dr Mahmood Datoo
3.      The Travellers, by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi

The World Federation of KSIMC is facilitating payments for Zakat al-Fitrah, Fidyah and Kaffarah. ZAKAT AL-FITRAH - £5 per person. FIDYAH - £1.50 per fast. KAFFARAH - £90 per fast.