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07 May 2021 / 25. Ramadhan 1442

Zainabiya Islamic Centre holds Juloos in the name of Imam Hussain (A)

Despite the cold weather, members of the Zainabiya Islamic Centre, together with representatives from numerous faiths, took to the streets on Saturday 21st November 2015 as part of a peaceful procession to promote ‘Peace and Humanity’.  The timing was very apt, as it coincided with National Interfaith Week.

The procession commenced at Milton Keynes Train Station’s Central Square and concluded at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone passing the Intu shopping centre en route. This was followed by an interfaith meeting at the church, where Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Bahai attended as a sign of solidarity and mutual respect.

Speeches were delivered by Shaykh Bahmanpour, Dr Seyed Mohseni, Dr Rev Mosedale and Sister Helen Haigh. The atmosphere was truly wonderful, with hope and unity being the overriding theme. The program ended with a prayer vigil for the victims of Paris and Lebanon and all other terrorist attacks.

The event was an excellent opportunity to promote ‘Peace and Humanity’ through the personality and message of Imam Husain (A) – numerous flags and placards were displayed during the procession and there were readings to commemorate the events of Karbala.

 To further propagate the legacy of Imam Husain (A), the event was reported in the Citizen MK newspaper and BBC 3 Counties Radio also devoted some time to explain the relevance and purpose of the peaceful procession. Furthermore, volunteers distributed water bottles with a message about Imam Husain (A) to the general public in the shopping centre. 

 The chairman of the organisation, Dr Seyed Mohseni, commented:

 “Centuries have passed since Imam Hussain (A) sacrificed everything for the rightful cause of saving the teachings of Islam and the flame of that revolution still burns bright. This is evident from the processions that are held all over the world during the months of Aza, especially millions who march to Karbala to commemorate the martyrdom of the Imam Hussain (A).”

It was asked of Imam Sadiq (A): “O son of the Prophet, are not the Ahlul Bayt (A) all arks of salvation? Why is it only said that ‘Indeed al-Husain is the light of guidance and the ark of salvation?”

[ان‌الحسین مصباح الهدی و سفینه النجاة ]

Imam al-Sadiq (A) replied: “We are all arks of salvation, but the ark of my grandfather al-Husain is more spacious and moves faster in the choppy waters of the sea.”

[کلنا سفن النجاة ولکن سفینة جدی الحسین أوسع وفی لجج البحار أسرع] Source: Bihar al- Anwar, vol 26, p. 322, hadith 14.

“We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Shaykh Bahmanpour, deputy Mayor and deputy Mayoress of Milton Keynes, The Council of Faiths, Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes Interfaith, volunteers and all those who participated in the Juloos and contributed to spreading the message of Aba Abdillah (A).

We pray that the Almighty rewards them all in this world and the hereafter and raises them on the Day of Judgment with the Holy Imam (A) and his companions.”

Voice of Al-Hussain,

Milton Keynes. 

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